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With Linx Vapor, There’s No Smoke and Mirrors

The Orange County company is making health nut-approved vaporizers. Published: April 20, 2019

Suddenly, #vapelife is everywhere, and Linx Vapor is carving a niche in the growing space. The company crafts health-conscious vapes for the discerning modern vaper, sourcing medical-grade steel, glass, and ceramics while avoiding paints and plastics. Linx Vapor puts product design and innovation first, leaving the apps, smart functionality, and flashy features to other brands. Its devices are made for vaping—and vaping well. Quiddity spoke with Eddie Ridgill, the Wholesale Manager at Linx, about the Southern California brand’s category-leading technology, non-prescriptive marketing approach, and what it takes to make a “healthy” vaporizer.

What was the state of the vaporizer industry when Linx entered the game in 2016 with the Hypnos? How have your products defined and disrupted the category?
Plastic vaporizers were very heavy in the market. There was a niche we had to carve out with healthier vaporizers using better technology and materials. We’ve crafted that by using high-class mouthpieces and medical-grade stainless steel and avoiding the use of paints. When you use paints or plastics you lose the ability to clean everything by submerging it in alcohol, but since we use medical-grade stainless steel, everything (except for the battery) has the ability to be soaked in alcohol and cleaned really easily.

Your products can be used for a variety of consumable materials, from nicotine and marijuana to CBD and other loose-leaf dry herbs. Is there one particular form of vaping that you prioritize, in terms of marketing communications?
We make a device for every single application. We have a dry herb device called the Gaia that uses a quartz chamber and convection heating; it’s designed to give you the flavor that most other vaporizers burn straight through. The Hypnos Zero and the Ares are designed for concentrates, and the Hermes 2 is for oils.

How does Linx advocate for health-conscious vaporizing?
Take the Gaia, for example. We do not use any insulation; instead, we use the actual air coming into the device to add a barrier of insulation, instead of using any kind of substances. In general, we don’t use any fibers, paints, plastics, or rubbers. Anything that we can not use, we do not use.

Ares Jan 2018-22

How do you conceive of your target demographic?
We produce a product that we think is superior in health-consciousness and the overall vaporizing experience, and then we let the market dictate to us what our target demographic is. We didn’t go into the production or the design of any of our products with a target demographic in mind.

Herb designated the Gaia 2018’s #1 “Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Beginners.” Do you deliberately cater to beginners, or do you offer something for vapers of all experience levels?
They’re not designed to be beginner devices. It’s really the innovation that comes first, and then where that lands within the scope of being designed for an expert user or a novice user is really the perception of the market. The Linx Ares is more of a product for intermediate users that have handled wax and certain types of devices in the cannabis sphere before.

How do you distinguish Linx from other vaporizer brands, especially as the cannabis industry proliferates?
We produce high-quality, health-conscious vaporizers. We determine a price that is fair to our customers; at the end of the day it’s not a cash-grab. It’s innovative technology but it’s at an affordable price.

What are some of the largest misconceptions about vaping CBD products? How do you negotiate alarmist media coverage and public misinformation?
We don’t talk really talk about CBD. We talk about the health benefits of vaporizing itself, because with our devices you not only can vaporize cannabis but you can also vaporize any number of herbs and still get a specific effect. As far as CBD—on a personal note, I think it should be 100 percent legalized. There are no psychoactive effects when consuming CBD, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a way that no other plant can, so I think it’s a part of this wonderful plant that is an essential part of human health.

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