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How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

Get the premium yoga studio experience—minus the hefty membership fee. Published: August 26, 2019

To practice yoga at home, you don’t need much more than your body and some floor space. No fancy workout studio, no pricey contraptions. “There’s a really low barrier to entry in terms of the things you need to buy,” says Jess Tom, an avid at-home yogi. Watch the video above to see what’s in her kit.



Her pick: Manduka Prolite® for $92.00
Why: Tom says a mat is “essential for cushioning, traction, and demarcating your yoga space.” There are two main types—closed-cell and open-cell. She prefers the former: “it feels sturdy and solid when I’m pushing and pulling against the mat in various poses.”


Her pick: OPTP Stretch Out Strap® for $17.95
Why: Yoga straps come in all sorts of shapes and materials, from straight belts of fabric to stiff elastic infinity bands. “Although not standard for yoga, I use a multi-looped strap,” says Tom. “This is the best of both worlds—the length of a conventional strap, and the easy ready-made loops of the infinity strap. It's especially good for a home practice, where you have more time to spend in stretches or to workshop certain poses on your own time.”


Her Pick: Hugger Mugger 4 in. Foam Yoga Blocks for $16.95 each
Why: Tom recommends foam over cork blocks because “they give soft support for more restorative poses.”


Once you've settled into your home yoga practice, take it to the next level with the following extras.

Dharma Yoga Wheel for $39.99
Why: “This is a magical tool that most studios don’t have, so it’s great to buy one for yourself at home,” says Tom. “Getting to roll my back out on my yoga wheel is my biggest treat of the day.”

Harman Kardon Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $129.99
Why: “When you're practicing at home, there are a lot of different distractions,” says Tom. To shut off surrounding noises and any interruptions to her practice, she plays music through a Bluetooth speaker. “I just set it for my yoga playlist and let it run.” Listen to her curated Spotify playlist here.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser for $119.00
Why: “This is great for setting up the ambiance,” says Tom. “I select my scent based on what I want to feel. If I want to de-stress, I'll do lavender; if I want something more rejuvenating, I’ll do eucalyptus or peppermint.”

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