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What to Pack for a Music Festival

A festival veteran recommends nine essentials and a few fun extras. Published: October 04, 2019

Packing for a music festival is an exercise in editing. Most festivals have strict limits on the bags they allow inside and the items you can fill them with (Lollapalooza bars anything exceeding 14” x 11” x 5” and Coachella accepts bags up to 20″ x 15″ x 9″). And it’s a good thing they do, because you don’t want to be bogged down by unnecessary weight while you’re on your feet all day maneuvering through the crowds.

It’s not like you’re going to a deserted island, but music festivals have their site-specific challenges—namely heat, crowds, and porta potties. Having the right tools on deck is the difference between a good day and a great day. We asked Ginger Lu, a Chicago-based media producer and style blogger, to show us how she packs her fanny pack for a music festival. Having attended Lollapalooza every year for nearly a decade, Lu is a veritable expert.

Keep scrolling for a hit list of Lu’s festival must-haves. And last but not least: “Make sure you have a good group of friends,” she says. “I think that's the most important, who you're with.”



Her Pick: Adidas Iridescent Belt Bag
Why: “You want a bag that can carry all the things you need but isn’t too heavy. This fanny pack is great because you can wear it in the front and not be worried about people pick-pocketing you.”


Her Pick: Myro Refillable Deodorant
Why: “This all-natural deodorant actually does its job. Once you run out, you can refill it, which is really easy, because you don't have to run out and think about buying a new one.”

Hangover Supplements

Her Picks: Morning Recovery Drink Formula and Bytox Hangover Patch
Why: “I try to use them together because I feel like one isn't enough. I take Morning Recovery when I get home from the festival, usually right before I go to bed. It kills all the bad things that you did to your body that day. Then I usually put the Bytox patch on an hour before I start drinking, because it gives your body nutrients that keep you hydrated throughout the day and also helps with a hangover in the morning.”

Ear Protection

Her Pick: Eargasm Earplugs
Why: “These are best earplugs on the market right now, in my opinion. They don’t take away from the experience, they’re not uncomfortable, and you’re still able to hear the music.”

Sun Protection

Her Pick: Supergoop Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40
Why: “Sunscreen usually feels a little sticky, but this one's actually pretty great. It doesn't feel heavy or anything like that.”

Hand Sanitizer

Her Pick: Aesop “Resurrection” Rinse-Free Hand Wash
Why: “I love Aesop. It's my favorite brand. This smells really good and does the job.”

Lip Balm

Her Pick: KNC Beauty “Supa Balm”
Why: “KNC Beauty was started by Kristen Noel Crawley. She actually started off with a lip mask, and then an eye mask, and just came out with these lip balms. I love that they're all natural and paraben-free.”


Her Pick: Maison Margiela Eau de Toilette in Music Festival
Why: “Maison Margiela is one of my favorite brands. I like that this scent isn’t too flowery. It’s nice [to apply] when you’re sweating and feeling gross.”


Her Pick:BKR Water Bottle with Spiked Silicone Sleeve
Why: “It's cute and different from other water bottles. I hate having stuff other people have.”

Nice to have (if you have extra room):

Disposable Camera

Her Pick: Fujifilm Disposable Camera
Why: “It's fun to snap candid pictures with friends and then when you get them developed later you'll be reminded of all the memories.”

Face Mist

Her Pick: Saturday Skin “Daily Dew” Hydrating Mist
Why: “When you're hot and sweaty in the middle of the crowd, you pull this out and just feel instantly refreshed.”

Face Glitter

Her Pick: Dolls Kill Face Gems in Las Vegas Superstar
Why: “I love Dolls Kill stuff for festivals. They have the most amazing outfits and fun special accessories. Wearing face gems makes you feel like you're in a festival rather than just out every day. They’re just a fun way to get excited for it.”

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