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What Jera Foster-Fell Bought for $5, $15, $50, $250, and $1500

The wellness influencer’s latest purchases, inspired by a trip to Las Vegas and her moving into her first "big girl" apartment. Published: December 13, 2018

Jera Foster-Fell didn’t set out to be an Instagram star. Just under four years ago, she was anxious, miserable at her job, and dealing with a messy breakup. She turned to fitness as an outlet, embarking on Kayla Itsines’s cult-favorite workout program (The Bikini Body Guide) and starting an Instagram account to track her progress. She soon found herself at the center of a robust online community of fitness devotees, health and wellness enthusiasts, and—to her surprise—genuine friends. “I started to make friends on Instagram, which I was desperately lacking in my life,” she says. Within six months of starting her account, she left her job as a graphic designer to pursue fitness full-time under the handle @workoutbean. After a year-and-a-half-long stint teaching Soul Cycle, she’s now in the midst of a career evolution: “I’m still figuring out a lot,” she says. “But I’m all about empowering women to feel good in their own skin and badass, while also work towards improving themselves, because I think you can have that duality.” She’s changed her profile to @jera.bean, a reflection of her shifting focus from strictly fitness to the broader pursuit of wellness and self-esteem. We caught up with Foster-Fell about her recent purchases, from black lipstick to a pink daybed.

The Last Thing I Bought for $5: Weleda Skin Food

It’s such an incredible skin product. I found it through Katie Jane Hughes, this makeup artist I follow on Instagram. Her style is so real and approachable, which I really gravitate towards. It’s this very thick cream that feels super nourishing. It’s one of my favorite products in my skin care regimen. It lasts forever, too—you only really need a little bit because it’s so heavy.

The Last Thing I Bought for $15: Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Black

I love black lipstick. I feel like I was a goth girl in a previous life. I was in Vegas recently with my friend and passed by Sephora while walking down the strip. I love testing out new products. I knew I wanted something kind of Halloween-y because we were there on Halloween weekend, and when I saw the black lipstick I was like, “Okay, here’s my chance.” It’s such a good consistency, it stays on your lips forever. I wore it out to the club that night, and then I was like, “I think I need to make this a normal thing. I don’t need to wait for Halloween.”

The Last Thing I Bought for $50: ASOS pointed Chelsea Boots

These boots are everything. There are barely any sizes left, but if something comes out again, you’ve got to get them. Everyone needs the perfect black boot, especially in New York. I love a little bit of a heel, but not too tall because I need to be able to walk around the city. I’m so specific with the toe of a boot: it can’t be too round or too pointy. These have the perfect pointed toe that’s a little squared off at the top. They feel chic and casual at the same time.

The Last Thing I Bought for $250: Tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in Vegas

Like I mentioned, a friend and I were in Vegas in October. We were in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and they were giving us a tour of these high roller suites that in order to book, you have to spend like a million dollars at the casino. We were checking out the view and we looked down and saw this poster for the Backstreet Boys. We immediately got on our phones and started looking up tickets. It was Thursday night, and they were playing on Friday night. We decided to live out our middle school teen dreams and go. We got pretty decent seats and I kid you not, it was maybe one of the top five moments of my life. It was such a good performance. I knew every word to every song.

The Last Thing I Bought for $1500: Winslow Day Bed in Pink Blush Velvet

I’m in my first “big girl” apartment—I’ve lived alone before, but this is the first time that it’s a little more expensive and I’m decorating it with intention. I had an interior design team help me pick out some things and plan the layout, and they recommended this daybed. I never would have thought of it on my own. It’s pink, and I’m not really a “pink” girl, but for some reason I think it’s great. I have a yellow velvet chair and a retro green velvet couch, too. I had no idea this was my style!

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