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What Creative Director Dasha Faires Wants and Needs

Published: August 02, 2018

Dasha Faires spent over a decade in fashion sales and merchandising before hitting on what really drives her: art direction and curation. Now a freelance creative director, she’s responsible for designing indie shopping mecca Canal Street Market, the experiential #HotelManRepeller project you watched unfold on Instagram, and installations for the likes of West Elm and Cooler Gallery. She’s still figuring out that whole work-life balance thing, but is otherwise pretty happy about the career change. “I get to wake up every day and think about something new and different,” she says. “I’m constantly creating and spitting out new ideas.” Faires shared her ultimate wants and needs list with Quiddity, plus a not-so-subtle Christmas shopping tip for her husband.

Wants: Silver earrings by Sorelle

I like things that look a little bit weird. I’ll see things randomly—probably on Instagram—and then can’t get them out of my head. I actually saw these in the Assembly store. I’ve had my eye on them forever.

Needs: Hoop earrings by Kathleen Whitaker

What I actually need and probably should buy first are some gold hoops. I have a pair of brass hoops that I’m obsessed with, but you have to polish them—and polishing brass doesn’t make a lot of sense for my life right now.

Wants: PVC belt bag by Building Block

I’m very into PVC right now. The first clear bag I got was from my girlfriend Katie who has this really amazing jewelry line called Vada. Her stuff is killer. She made these recycled vinyl tote bags and posted them on Instagram, so I got one.

Needs: To get my Assembly X Martine Ali bag fixed

My toddlers pulled on it and ripped the handle. I’m sounding like a dorky mom, but a clear bag is so functional. You have things like mini dinosaurs, keys, Band-Aids, and snacks all buried at the bottom of your bag. You can actually see everything when you need to grab something quickly. I can’t even speak to how functional it is. I load everything into this, even my laptop. The handle tore off because my toddlers pulled at it. They have this tendency to pull at everything: it doesn’t matter what, just anything you’re wearing that they can grab.

Wants: Acne Studios velvet coat

For fall, I tend to focus on shoes and coats. This Acne coat is something I’d really, really love to have for fall, but who knows if I’ll actually take the leap and get it. Also, it’s not at all functional or practical for my life, being that’s it’s velvet and I could have grubby toddler hands on me at any moment. I’m making my kids sound like monsters, but really they’re just little boys and get dirty all the time.

Needs: A closet organizer to come help me sift through all the trash in my closet and probably throw half of it away!

This is something I would have done myself before I had children. One of the biggest struggles I’ve found as a mom is I’m constantly doing laundry and sorting through other people’s clothes, never my own. I never prioritize my own closet. Then I go to get dressed and there are things that need to be dry cleaned or tailored or even things that I got so far as to hand wash but didn’t steam. There are also a million things in my closet that I just need to throw away but I haven’t taken the time to go through it. If my husband is reading this—a closet organizer would be a really great Christmas gift.

Wants: Ambush rose charm earring

You know how rose has been everywhere? The color is all over, from streetwear to high fashion. I’ve always been obsessed with physical roses because my mom—who’s retired now, but was an elementary school teacher and then a principal—has a rose tattoo on her upper thigh that she got when she was like 18. So I’ve always loved roses because of that connection to my mom. I’ve had my eye on this earring for a while. I’m obsessed with everything this designer does and love her sweatshirts and hoodies, but because of my thing with roses this charm is at the top of my list.

Needs: To stock up on my favorite scent, Byredo Burning Rose, for fall.

I recently got into rose-scented things. I went my whole life trying every perfume you could possibly think of and never had anyone compliment the way I smelled. I guess I couldn’t find the right thing that would go with my body chemistry. Then a friend recommended Frederic Malle, so I went to the store in the West Village. I got Une Rose and for the first time in my life started getting compliments every day. I’ve finally found my scent, and now I can’t get enough of it in my life. I am completely obsessed with the Byredo Burning Rose scented candle. I’m embarrassed about it, but I’ll go to the Byredo store and buy three at a time. I burn it all the time, when I’m by myself at home or when friends are over. I’m almost out of it—the one that I have right now is down to the very end. I’m scared of it burning out.

I have been thinking more about the home, because we’ve been renovating our house upstate. I keep doing these super wacky, really colorful, majorly eclectic projects, but my personal taste is rather refined. There’s a lot of black, white, cream, and gray. I always go to Clic Gallery and look at these linen throws and then never actually pull the trigger and buy one. I really should.

Needs: To complete this set of porcelain wrapped tumblers from Sunny's Pop

Sunny’s Pop is a beautifully curated shop in Narrowsburg, which is 15 minutes from our house upstate. This summer I went in and just bought two, thinking they’d be great tea cups. I've fallen completely in love with them and so now I need a full set of eight. It’s definitely a tactile experience, holding the molded ceramic in your hands.

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