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What Broccoli Magazine’s Anja Charbonneau Wants and Needs

In an alternate life, the Portland-based editor would design floral arrangements for rich private clients. Published: April 15, 2019

Anja Charbonneau is the founder and editor-in-chief of Broccoli Magazine, a print publication for women interested in culture, design, and cannabis, in no particular order. The magazine’s visual storytelling toes the line between unbound romanticism (floral collages, cats posing with weed) and cerebral sparsity (clean lines, muted colorways). We asked Charbonneau, avid horticulturist and animal print devotee, what she wants and needs.

Wants: A silk bomber jacket by Gucci printed with screaming wildcats

There are all sorts of wildcats popping up in fall fashion and I am completely here for it. The prints are always so extreme and bossy, and there’s something very powerful about that, although of course I would never wear real fur. My great dream is to become friends with a wild cat, but until that day I’m happy to rep their images through my wardrobe.

Needs: A practical, waterproof, and cozy jacket for the dreary, rainy Portland winter

I can’t decide if I want something extreme or subtle. In my deep animal print Google search I found a leopard print puffer jacket at Land’s End, and it’s tempting and pretty affordable. It would also match perfectly with my prized possession, my blue leopard tracksuit from Juicy Couture.

Wants: A pencil cactus plant, also known as Euphorbia tirucalli

One of the local greenhouses has a beautiful one for sale (for over $100). It looks like it comes from an alien planet with all of the crazy angles and fiery red tips. An arid space plant.

Needs: To repot the plant cuttings I’m already propagating

A friend gave me a cutting of a Pilea peperomioides (known as a Chinese money plant, Pancake plant, etc.) and it is sitting in a cup with too many roots floating in water, desperate for some dirt. Guilty plant care.

Wants: A gemstone terrazzo desk by New Age Design Studio

Sasha Burchuk is one of the only people in the US making terrazzo, not to mention one of the only women in the world who has honed this craft. To own furniture made by hand is a true dream, and a piece with embedded gems is extra magical.

Needs: A big, boring white desk from Ikea

I’m setting up a new workspace for Broccoli and in reality, I just need something basic and functional where I can spread out all my photos, printouts and magazines.

Wants: Weekly floral arrangements by Manu Torres, an incredibly talented floral designer here in Portland

He made a couple arrangements for our fall issue of Broccoli, and does weekly designs for a chocolate maker and cafe here in town called Cloudforest. One of my alternate reality life dreams would be to do floral design, and get to tiptoe around the fancy homes of private clients, peeking into every room and adding a weird floral flourish to the space.

Needs: To use my membership pass to the wholesale flower market

I have a card that allows me access to wholesale pricing on awesome flowers, but I keep forgetting to make time to head out to the market. The weird flowers are there, I just need to go and find them.

Wants: A leather-bound edition of all of the issues of Flair magazine from the 50s

I already own each individual magazine, so this is an excessive wish, but knowing that there’s a fancy edition of this out there... it calls out to me. I have been very lucky lately and have discovered two of Fleur Cowles’ (the editor of Flair) illustrated books at thrift stores in the past few months, so I shouldn’t get too greedy.

Needs: To spend more time at the library browsing the publication archive

The Portland library has a large collection of bound editions of vintage magazines, and on my first session there I looked at the first several issues of Cat Fancy magazine. It was pretty special, the art direction was really fun and clever, and I will never get tired of great pictures of cats of the past.

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