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What Freelancer and Vintage Shopper Anna Gray Wants and Needs

The writer cum fashion influencer has bought two wedding dresses but still has to plan her wedding.Published: February 06, 2019

With a CV that covers freelance writing, professional vintage shopping (for Object Limited), and modeling, Anna Gray is a renaissance (wo)man for the Instagram era. Since moving to New York City by way of Virginia 11 years ago (throughout her childhood, she also lived in Ireland, Paris, and New Jersey) she says she’s “had every job under the sun, because that’s how you make it work.” Her newsletter, “Things I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent,” reads like Wants + Needs, minus the Needs: a wishlist dedicated to all the extravagant items she can’t afford. We asked Gray what she wants—an easy task for her—and also what she seriously needs.

Wants: The muffaletta sandwich from Primo’s

Primo’s is my favorite bar. I’m there all the time. This is such a delicious sandwich. They only make like 10 a day or something.

Needs: To order more dandruff shampoo

My scalp is so crazy. I inherited this skin condition that only presents itself on my scalp from my dad. Thank you, Dad. I use this one Sachajuan scalp shampoo and it’s the only thing that works for me. I’ve tried literally every dandruff shampoo. I keep meaning to order more.

Wants: Tigra Tigra silk smoking suit

This brand is so cool. It’s all totally stunning, hand embroidery work on really nice fabrics, done by local artisans in India—hence, the (understandable) price tag. I try to buy fewer clothes, but better quality. I justify buying expensive second-hand things by saying that I can re-sell them easily, since I host vintage pop-ups.

Needs: More closet space

I would love a walk-in closet. Or anything, really, that would give me more space. Luckily, my fiancé wears a uniform of a navy T-shirt, a navy sweater, and navy pants every single day so he doesn’t take up much of the limited closet space.

Wants: Vonnegut Kraft coffee table

I moved into my fiancé’s apartment in the East Village. His taste is very minimal: clean lines, very tidy, a lot of mid-century modern furniture. We already have a coffee table, but I love this Vonnegut Kraft one. I think it’s hard to do simple and interesting design that’s new and not derivative, and this brand is really good at that.

Needs: A new apartment

We’re actually planning to move out of our apartment, but we need to find a new one. I’ve been in the East Village forever, and I’m ready for a change. I wouldn’t mind living in Chinatown. I really like it down there and I have a lot of friends that live there. But I hate moving. It’s absurd!

Wants: This vintage Chanel gown, to wear to the wedding that I need to plan!

We’ve been engaged for over a year and neither of us have done any planning. It’s kind of fun not to. But I do like shopping for wedding dresses—I have two already. I’m like, “these will come in handy at some point…”

Needs: To plan my wedding

I don’t even know where we should do it. My fiancé Matthew is from the South of France, and we both have family in Southern California. I wouldn’t mind doing it in New York. I also have family in Ireland. Who knows? I’ve never been to the Maldives—that would be a cool place to get married. At this point, I’m like, “let’s just secretly elope and not tell anyone and I’ll wear all of my dresses just for you.”

Wants: To stay at Amangiri, the Canyon Point resort from luxury hotel brand Aman

Maybe I could go for my birthday in April. I feel like I could save up enough by then. I love the Aman hotel chain, it’s so cool. For a friend’s birthday a couple years ago we went to Dunton Hot Springs, which is this old ghost town close to Telluride that Aman bought and fixed up. It’s this whole immersive experience: you stay in a cabin and go snowshoeing and hiking, and the food’s really good. I’ve also stayed at the Aman Tokyo, which is really sick.

Needs: AirBuds

AirBuds would make my life a lot easier. Carrying around two tangled sets of headphones—one for my phone, and one for my computer—is so annoying. I keep losing that stupid toggle thing. I’m really mad at Apple.

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