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We’ll Never Be Royals? Headphone Designer Disagrees

by Natalie Daher

Bejeweled, custom-made headphones are one way to own your individuality.

A pair of blinged-out Lit Headphones, recently featured in an Insider video, will cost you $500 while adorning your ears in gemstones, precious metals, silk and fur. The crowns, atop a thin wired headband, don’t appear to be the sturdiest product: warranty is $50 extra.

The founder of Lit Headphones is Florida-based Lisa Campbell, and her business has been attracting international media attention. Campbell asks consumers for their head measurements before designing the headphones that do play audio.

“Lit Headphones are headphones fit for royalty,” Campbell recently told a Miami news station. “They are paradise for every princess.”

Some Lit Headphones wearers have praised the product for their youthful, regalness — a feature that’s often not forefronted among mainstream headphone brands. Functionally, the headphones feature tangle-less cords and pads for comfort and noise reduction.

The one-of-a-kind aspect of the headphones could be springing from the Etsy generation, and enthusiastic Lit Headphones wearers are showing off their style on Instagram.

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