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Vitamix Traveled With Meghan Markle To Shoot Suits In Toronto

By Natalie Daher

Toronto, Canada. Photography by Twenty

If you and Meghan Markle break up, she’s taking the Vitamix.

Actress and humanitarian Markle brought the $500 blender to Toronto, where she began shooting television show Suits, according to a new biography featured by Toronto Life. At that point in her career, Markle was married to Trevor Engelson, but the appliance swipe was just another signal that the relationship was on the rocks. The biography “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” by celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, was published in April.

Toronto Life excerpts the book: “A five-hundred-dollar Vitamix blender symbolized the growing divide. [Markle] insisted that her favourite kitchen appliance from their West Hollywood home come with her to Toronto, packing it into the back seat of her car, which was being moved by truck to Canada, even though it would have been just as easy to buy a new one. It sat on the kitchen counter in the Toronto house, a material reminder that her home was no longer in Los Angeles.”

Markle had shot the pilot of Suits in New York before landing the role, packing up her belongings and moving from Los Angeles to Canada, where the cast continued shooting the first season. She continued to film several seasons, and you know where it goes from here.

Markle’s affinity for Vitamix has been well publicized. The actress, a runner and yogi, also reportedly incorporates smoothies into her health lifestyle. While her former Suits costar Patrick J. Adams said he’d plan to gift Markle a Vitamix for her engagement to Prince Harry, the couple has since requested charitable donations. Plus, we trust Markle has a Vitamix with exceptional horsepower at Kensington Palace.

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