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Vitamix Changed Houston Bar’s Taste for Blended Drinks

by Natalie Daher

Photography by Unsplash

On the rocks, no more. Texan bars are fashioning blended cocktails as more “serious drinks,” according to a recent Garden & Gun piece.

The review on Anvil & Bar Refuge in Houston reports that the cocktail menu once received glowing reviews, except for the “blended drinks,” critiqued by writer Wayne Curtis as “a cocktail rendered into a slushie.” The atmosphere changed after Anvil’s owner Bobby Huegel traveled to Cuba last summer, Curtis reports, where he tasted balanced daiquiris made in electric blenders.

“Blender drinks have long been considered the prom dresses of the cocktail world—full of mirth and slyly outrageous,” writes Curtis, “prompting many to correlate them with the callow and unrefined.”

The anti-blender drink movement in Texas was partly motivated by building a reputation for and allegiance to classic cocktails. Plus, noisy blenders can kill conversation. But Anvil found a workaround during a restaurant renovation last year, and owner Huegel purchased Vitamix blenders with “noise-dampening enclosures” built into the bar. On the mixing front, relaxed American trade embargos on Cuba enabled Huegel to purchase rum from Havana with a quality closer to the aged bottle he tasted during his visit. The Blended La Floridita Daiquiri, whose blend Huegel calls “about ninety-five percent accurate,” is now a popular menu item that customers can make at home.

View the full recipe for here.

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