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Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses Perform, So You Can, Too

Innovation is ingrained in the startup’s DNA.Published: December 20, 2018

Sleep, one of the greatest equalizers, is increasingly backed by data. The startup Tomorrow Sleep, a division of legacy brand Serta Simmons, optimizes its line of mattresses with science and engineering. The brand is committed to dispelling a culture of “sleep sacrifice.” And the company’s Atlanta-based research team is fine-tuning its sleep trackers, buried within the popular Hybrid mattress. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence will continue to “get smarter,” eventually coaching humans on how to sleep better, according to founder Bryan Murphy. Quiddity spoke with Murphy about applying data, fostering innovation, and controlling the ecosystem to maximize sleep.

What does innovation mean to your brand?

Innovation is everything. Our research center in Atlanta has over 30 sleep scientists and engineers who are on the cutting edge of sleep technology. By marrying that capability with real time consumer data, we’re able to constantly innovate to improve our products to help you transform your tomorrow.

What’s a recent change in consumer habits that motivated you to update a product or service?

Our original mattress is a hybrid mattress, which people love. It’s the highest rated mattress online. That being said, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for an all memory foam mattress, so we developed a really premium mattress that provides great support and gives people that memory foam feel they know and love.

How does your company come up with new ideas?
We are constantly talking with our customers and listening for problems they are trying to solve.

What’s a new consumer group you’re targeting, and why?
Haha, that’s a secret!

What’s another brand that you find particularly innovative, and why?
We love Equinox because of their relentless focus, innovation and mission of fostering high performance. We have the same maniacal focus on helping our customers wake to their full potential.

How do you encourage your staff to be innovative?
We make it part of our DNA, we’re all encouraged to innovate.

Why is innovation important to your relationship with consumers?
Our customers expect the best high performance sleep products. We know they are constantly working to improve themselves, so we owe it to them to deliver products that help them wake to their full potential.

How are you explaining a "total sleep system" to consumers who are unfamiliar?

The secret to truly restorative sleep is comfort, support and temperature regulation. Our mattresses, pillows, sheets, and comforter all work together to create this sleep ecosystem. The materials we use, the way our products are constructed and how they work together are specifically engineered to minimize humidity, control temperature and give you the comfort and support that you need.

What's next for your sleep tracking technology?

It’s going to record, analyze and upload your dreams to Facebook. Just kidding. As we add more and more people to the network, the artificial intelligence will get smarter and better at coaching you to better sleep.

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