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Tomorrow Sleep’s Crusade Against “Sleep Sacrifice”

“Sleep is really about comfort, temperature, humidity, and light and noise.”

Tomorrow Sleep SSB factory in Charlotte, N.C. / Photography from Tomorrow Sleep

Your ecosystem, your scrolling habit, and your lifestyle are all affecting your sleep quality. You know this, but you might crash at a friend’s apartment after the bar or watch one last Instagram story anyway. With the idea that sleep cannot be divorced from diet, exercise, and mindfulness, startup Tomorrow Sleep appreciates sleep evangelization. As a division of legacy brand Serta Simmons, Tomorrow is the new darling for the sleep-tracking set. Quiddity talked with Tomorrow Sleep’s founder Bryan Murphy about wellness culture, the influence of Arianna Huffington and Equinox, and “a total sleep system.”

How does your company’s heritage help you build trust with your consumers?
We are just about the only direct-to-consumer company that is actually owned by a company [Serta Simmons] that has over 100 years experience engineering the best sleep products in the world. A lot of people value that. Consumers like knowing that they are buying from a company with an incredible track record, that’s been around 100 years, that's got amazing products and engineering resources. A company that will be around and will back up their warranty means a lot to them. A lot of people care about the warranty, but in order to collect on the warranty, the company has got to be around.

If you claimed one other brand as an ancestor, which would it be?
Equinox. We think of ourselves as a wellness company and that sleep is one of the four pillars of wellness along with diet, exercise, and mindfulness. If you think of those pillars as legs on a table, if you are missing one, the table falls over. [Equinox is] hyper-focused on providing the best possible solution to consumers to live to their full potential. In a similar vein, our motto is “Wake to your full potential.” As an example, we invest the highest quality materials to engineer an extraordinary product. The result is a mattress that consumers rate the highest on the internet.

Just as you need to take time to exercise, you need to make sure you’re taking the time you need to sleep and regenerate.

How do consumers generally learn more about your brand’s heritage?
Mostly by visiting our website, word of mouth or the over 20 third-party reviewers who have reviewed our product.

What’s one way you’ve recently reframed your history to reflect contemporary trends or interests?
So much has been written about and understood about diet and exercise as they relate to wellness, but there is an emerging interest in sleep and how important it is to our overall health and wellbeing. I feel like traditionally, we’ve celebrated a culture of sleep sacrifice. With the growing awareness that sleep is fundamental to wellness, people are beginning to take pride when they take care of themselves and invest in and get the sleep that they need to operate at their full potential. Just as you need to take time to exercise, you need to make sure you’re taking the time you need to sleep and regenerate.

Which social media platform, if any, are you focusing on to share your company’s story?
Instagram. It's a great vehicle to show the brand and products we sell. We can tell better stories, visually and through copy. Facebook is huge. It's okay, it's good. Right now Instagram people snack on that content in a different way, engage with it.

The quality of your sleep is dictated not just by the mattress, but by the ecosystem you create

What one detail of your founding story has resonated most with consumers?
We talk a lot about a “total sleep system.” Most of the companies that have come into this space come out with a mattress—they want to sell you a mattress. We thought about coming into this space form a wellness perspective and by maximizing sleep efficiency. The quality of your sleep is dictated not just by the mattress, but by the ecosystem you create. Sleep is really about comfort, temperature, humidity and light and noise. You get those things right, and you're going to get a good night sleep. You get them wrong, and you’re not.

What other brands, strategies or consumer trends have influenced your own company?
Arianna Huffington is really one of the people out there who started evangelizing the power of sleep. She burned out, had a terrible accident and started researching it and realized what lack of sleep had done to her body.

We've gone through cycles. There are so many distractions now that are interfering with sleep. If you really look at your day and assess your productivity, there are plenty of people who say, “I don't have enough time to sleep.” People do things to occupy time with electronic devices and media. What's important: checking out your Instagram or Facebook feed late at night, knowing what that screen does to you, and screwing up your circadian rhythm? That hangover effect makes it hard to fall asleep. If I had to look at one thing that's impacting our quality of sleep, it's mobile devices.

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