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The Worst-Scenario Case of a Texas Renter’s Home Damage

by Natalie Daher

After a car crashed into the home of a Texas family, the amount of $3,500 in settlement damages would only cover a destroyed couch, a local news station reported.

The family’s ranch-style home was vacant when a truck driver, who wasn’t legally charged, barrelled across the front porch and into the living room. The renters, who didn’t speak with press, did not have renter’s insurance, according to the report, but the driver had insurance. Even so, the settlement money fell far short of the $25,000 minimum in property damages required by state law for drivers with insurance to pay.

The family is now living in temporary housing while searching for a new home.

“They should have got rent or something for a month until they found something,” a relative told the news station. “I’m pretty sure his insurance could have paid for that.”

The family could be in luck: news reporters spoke with Safeguard Insurance’s Abraham Padron, who added that people who are unsatisfied with a settlement offer can ask for a supplement, or change in amount. The family, according to Padron, can press for a bigger payout that renter’s insurance would have covered for costs of, for instance, a hotel.

“We want to indemnify you,” Padron said of insurance companies’ role. “That means we want to take you back to where you were before you had your accident.”

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