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The Right Boxing Gloves for 11 Different Scenarios

Dylan Lipari of Superare recommends gloves for every type of boxer. Published: August 27, 2019

Finding the right pair of boxing gloves is not an easy task. There are technical features to navigate, like weight, enclosures, and padding, and then there’s a laundry list of aesthetic considerations. If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, fear not: Dylan Lipari is here.

Lipari is the owner of Superare, a cult-favorite shop for MMA gear in Manhattan and L.A., and a dedicated jiu jitsu fighter in his spare time. We gave him 90 seconds to recommend the best boxing gloves for any and every kind of person. Watch the rapid-fire segment to land on your perfect pair. For a sneak peek of his recos, keep scrolling.

What are the best gloves…

1. For beginners?

The Venum Contenders.

2. For boxing with a bad wrist?

The Hayabusa T3s.

3. For punching heavy bags?

The Rival RB10 Intelli-Shocks.

4. For distracting your sparring partner?

The Fairtex BGV1s in aura.

5. For a pro fighter?

Don’t train in pro gloves.

6. Made in the USA?

Unfortunately, none.

7. For maximum hand protection?

Gloves by Superare.

8. For wanting to hurt someone?

Gloves by Cleto Reyes.

9. For the old school look?

The Hayabusa Kanpeki T3s, the Superare “OG” 2.0s, or the Ringside Heritages.

10. For someone with OCD?

Any gloves with a traditional satin lining, which won’t absorb as much sweat as synthetic materials.

11. For someone who loves pink?

The Fairtex BGV1s in pink.

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Dylan Lipari

Owner of Superare

Frances Thomas

Quiddity Content Editor

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