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The Quiddity Guide to Black Friday Frenzy

We’ve sourced all the worthwhile deals, so you can sit back and relax this Thanksgiving. Published: November 08, 2018

Do: Have another slice of pie. Go and ask Aunt Sue how her hydrangeas are doing. Give thanks for everything that is wonderful in your life right now.

Don’t: Abruptly excuse yourself from the table to beat the line at Walmart. Pull out your phone to scour for new deals. Opt out of the family sing-along to refresh your Amazon account.

Thanksgiving has a problematic history, but there is one undeniably great part of its modern iteration: it makes time for being with the people you love. In celebration of that purpose and that purpose only, we’ve done your Black Friday research for you. We uncovered sales on the stuff you don’t normally associate with Black Friday (hint: not TVs). Read on for under-the-radar scores, thoughtful gift ideas, and random-yet-perfect products that we just think are cool.

Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker
The Steal: $23.99, down from $39.99
Why You Need It: Everyone has a specific way they like their eggs. It should be so easy to whip up the perfect soft boil, but for whatever reason, it’s just… not. Cut out the guessing game of Sunday brunch with this (admittedly extra) device. It can prepare up to a dozen eggs at a time and also serves double duty as a vegetable steamer.

Voyager Electric Scooter
The Steal: $149.00 from 11/21 at 10pm EST until 11/25, down from $298.00
Why You Need It: Okay, you don’t. But do it for your seven-year-old self. This compact, lightweight commuter will make even your most excruciating errands fun. Feature-loaded with three different gears, an integrated LCD display, and a 250W brushless motor that can reach up to 12.5 MPH, this unassuming-looking scooter packs some serious punch.

Butterball Turkey Fryer
The Steal: $119.00, down from $149.99
Why You Need It: When you strip back the velvety gravy, tart cranberry sauce, and creamy bed of mashed potatoes, what’s there to love about plain ol’ turkey? Too often than not, it’s dry, bland, and… did we mention dry? There’s a really simple solution. Deep fry it. Okay, we know, it’s a little trashy. But why suffer just for the sake of sophistication?

Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Grooming Kit
The Steal: $41.99, down from $69.99
Why You Need It: This already inexpensive multi-purpose trimmer is an even better deal for Black Friday. With three replaceable heads and multiple combs, it can be customized to accommodate a wide range of hair types and style preferences. The one-minute charge function is great for emergencies.

DaVinci Classic Vaporizer
The Steal: $99.00, down from $129.00, between 11/19-11/23, plus 20% off all accessories
Why You Need It: The DaVinci Classic can be used for both dry herbs and oils, and comes with a built-in storage box for stashing cleaning materials and other miscellaneous accessories. Use the codes below to save $30 on the DaVinci Classic and 20% off all accessories.

Tello Quadcopter Drone
The Steal: $79.00, down from $99.00
Why You Need It: The 5-megapixel camera shoots razor-sharp photos and videos, and the VR headset gives you a first-person view of the drone's perspective. For the more experienced users who want to flex their programming muscles, the Tello is compatible with Scratch, a software coding app developed by MIT.

Monoprice Sous Vide Immersion Cooker
The Steal: $43.99, down from $69.99
Why You Need It: You heard of “sous vide” from your foodie friends or at fancy restaurants, so you probably think it involves some elaborate alchemy of Japanese knives, a blow torch, and Ina Garten’s blessing. We’re here to dispel the myth: sous vide simply entails cooking food in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag, in temperature-controlled water. Keeping your meat contained in an airtight bag retains the flavor and prevents it from drying out.

Dame Eva II in Fir
The Steal: $134.12, down from $145.00
Why You Need It: This completely hands-free vibrator is quiet, powerful, and engineered with female anatomy in mind. The two small arms tuck snugly under the labia so that users can still enjoy partnered sex while it works its magic.

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