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The Global Appeal of a Countertop Blender

by Natalie Daher

Photography by Twenty20

Blenders aren’t fading as a popular choice for consumers over the next decade, a new report says.

Around the world, fifty million blenders with 400 to 600 watts are projected to sell by 2026, according to data from Fact.MR, a Dublin-based market research company. Factors driving the sales include the growth of e-commerce and the application of traditional retail techniques, like product placement, to emerging online marketplaces.

The report focused on the biggest players in the blender market, including Whirlpool, which manufactures KitchenAid blenders, Electrolux and Royalstar. As for the shopping experience, specialty stores and monobrand stores are expected to dominate.

The bulk of sales are coming from Asia, despite the proliferation of smoothie bars in big American cities like New York and Los Angeles. North America ranks third in top blender markets, behind Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) and Europe.

Some other key details: plastic is more popular than stainless steel for blender body material, though stainless steel is still significant. Countertop blenders will lead in terms of size, the report said.

Vendors of blenders have been successfully launching promo campaigns and ensuring product placement in physical stores. Applying those same strategies to e-commerce, the report says, is expected to boost sales.

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