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The Best In-Ear Wireless Headphones, According to the Internet

Quid Picks

Our team of researchers, data analysts, gadget nerds, and storytellers combed through reams of information and reviews to uncover the 10 best in-ear wireless headphones currently available—whether you’re a fitness junkie looking for snug-fitting pods or an on-the-go urbanite.

We scoured the Internet looking for the best in-ear wireless headphones out there. Our team read all the reputable expert takes they could find, analyzed countless customer reviews, and considered the nuts-and-bolts of every model, from sound quality to comfort and fit. Then we synthesized that into our agnostic Quiddity Score. We didn’t pick this model based on our own whims and listening needs—the collective wisdom of the Internet did.

Read more about our methodology here.

The Quid Pick: Apple AirPods

Quiddity Score of 85.0

After assessing insights from every perspective that matters, from consumers and experts to brands and retailers, the results are in.

Quid-Picks apple-airpods

Across almost every metric, these in-ear headphones consistently came out on top. Experts and customers alike applauded their wide and reliable Bluetooth range, long battery life, and seamless integration with iOS devices. They fit most customers well and are lightweight enough to wear comfortably for long periods.

Buy Now Apple ($159 at time of publishing)

Best Buy ($159 at time of publishing)

Learn More Check out the Apple AirPods on Quiddity

The In-Ear Wireless Headphones for Your Needs

The Quid Pick might not be ideal for everyone. Different people have different needs. Here are a few options the internet loves, for everyone from runners to city dwellers.

The Athlete

You obsess over training plans. You’re constantly skipping out on after-work drinks because you “have to go to the gym.” Whether you’re a CrossFit zealot, seasoned marathoner, or a regular old gym rat, you need the right headphones to fuel your workouts.

What to look for: Truly wireless, waterproof, lightweight, portable, fitness tracking capabilities, long battery life, snug fit, durable, cord-mounted (or “in-line”) controls.

Quiddity recommends: Jabra Elite Sport ($204 from Amazon at time of publishing)

Bose Soundsport Free ($199 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The City Dweller

You could navigate the New York City subway system blindfolded. You never leave the house without your headphones. You drain your monthly data plan walking around the city streaming Spotify and Podcasts.

What to look for: Water-resistant, lightweight, portable, long battery life, reliable Bluetooth connection, durable.

Quiddity recommends: Plantronics Backbeat Fit ($109 from Best Buy at time of publishing)

Beats PowerBeats3 ($134 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The Overachiever

You epitomize the multi-hyphenate lifestyle, juggling a career, social life, Equinox All Access membership, and maybe even a family at home. You don’t need all the bells and whistles—you want great sound, user-friendly controls, and reliable performance. You’re shopping for a durable, all-purpose pair that can weather all manner of daily feats.

What to look for: Lightweight, portable, reliable Bluetooth connection, durable construction, snug fit.

Quiddity recommends: Apple AirPods ($159 from Apple at time of publishing)

FitBit Flyer ($129 from Amazon at time of publishing)

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