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The Best Immersion Blenders, According to the Internet

Quid Picks

Our team of researchers, data analysts, gadget nerds, and storytellers combed through reams of information and reviews to uncover the 10 best immersion blenders currently available—whether you’re making post-workout smoothies or big batches of soup.

We scoured the Internet looking for the best immersion blenders out there. Our team read all the reputable expert takes they could find, analyzed countless customer reviews, and considered the nuts-and-bolts of every immersion blender from functionality to warranty. Then we synthesized that into our agnostic Quiddity Score. We didn’t pick this immersion blender based on our own whims and culinary needs—the collective wisdom of Internet did.

Read more about our methodology here.

The Quid Pick: KitchenAid 5-Speed

Quiddity Score of 91.0

After assessing insights from every perspective that matters, from consumers and experts to brands and retailers, the results are in.

Quid-Picks kitchenais-hand-blender

Whatever your blending needs—from chopping ice and blending fruit to shredding meat and pureeing soups—the KitchenAid 5-Speed does it all. This multi-purpose immersion blender comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades, a whisk attachment, and a chopper, all of which can be easily attached without any tools. Ergonomic details like the soft-grip handle and easy-to-press power button make the blending experience a breeze, and the 8” blending arm reaches into deep pots so that you can prepare everything in one place.

Buy Now Amazon ($76 at time of publishing)

Best Buy ($99 at time of publishing)

Learn More Check out the KitchenAid 5-Speed product page on Quiddity

The Best Immersion Blender for Your Needs

The Quid Pick might not be ideal for everyone. Different homes have different needs. Here are a few options the internet loves, for everyone from smoothie lovers to killer home chefs.

The Smooth Operator

Immersion blenders are optimal for pureeing soups directly inside a stockpot, significantly reducing cleanup time and eliminating the need for multiple bowls. They’re also great for whipping up small portions of mayonnaise, pesto, and baby food.

What to look for: Comfortable grip and handle, removable wand, stainless steel wand and cage, tall wand, user-friendly controls.

Quiddity recommends: Breville The Control Grip ($98 from Amazon at time of publishing)

Dualit Immersion Blender ($99 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The At Home Chef

You make ravioli from scratch on a random weeknight and would never dress a salad with store-bought vinaigrette. You’re shopping for an immersion blender to complement your food processor and full-size blender.

What to look for: Multiple attachments (food chopper, whisk, blade guard), wide range of speeds, stainless steel wand and cage, interchangeable blades, high-powered torque.

Quiddity recommends: Electrolux Masterpiece ($229 from Elextrolux at time of publishing)

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender ($76 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The Health Nut

Your workout isn’t complete without a replenishing (and nutritious!) smoothie. You need an immersion blender that will make quick work of blending fruit and veggies for a post-workout refuel.

What to look for: Anti-suction head design, lightweight, quiet, blending jar with lid included, S-shaped blade.

Quiddity recommends: KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender ($48 from Amazon at time of publishing)

Bamix Mono Immersion Blender ($99 from Amazon at time of publishing)

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