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The Best Boxed Mattresses, According to the Internet

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Our team of researchers, data analysts, gadget nerds, and storytellers combed through reams of information and reviews to uncover the 10 best boxed mattresses currently available—regardless of your sleeping style, your most restful bedtime companion is in our lineup.

We scoured the Internet looking for the best boxed mattresses out there. Our team read all the reputable expert takes they could find, analyzed countless customer reviews, and considered the nuts-and-bolts of every boxed mattress from firmness to warranty. Then we synthesized that into our agnostic Quiddity Score. We didn’t pick this boxed mattress based on our own whims and sleeping needs—the collective wisdom of the Internet did.

Read more about our methodology here.

The Quid Pick: The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Quiddity Score of 93.0

After assessing insights from every perspective that matters, from consumers and experts to brands and retailers, the results are in.

quiddity tomorrow-sleep 1024

Tomorrow Sleep leverages the extensive history and expertise of its parent company, Serta Simmons, to produce top-of-the-line sleeping products with cutting-edge technology. This hybrid mattress combines temperature-regulating memory foam with stabilizing coils to accommodate a range of sleeping styles. Paired with the brand’s proprietary Sleeptracker Monitor, the mattress can provide detailed biometrics on your sleep cycles and make personalized suggestions to improve sleep quality.

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Tomorrow Sleep ($890 at time of publishing)

Learn More Check out the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress product page on Quiddity

The Best Boxed Mattresses for Your Needs

The Quid Pick might not be ideal for everyone. Different homes have different needs. Here are a few options the internet loves, for everyone from back sleepers to stomach sleepers.

The Side Sleeper

You fall asleep in a (semi) straight line, but always find yourself curled and crunched up in the morning. You need a weight-dispersing, body-contouring mattress to support balanced alignment.

What to look for: Pressure-relieving memory foam, a fluffy topper, a hybrid model with coils for some spring.

Quiddity recommends: Brooklyn Bedding ($949 at time of publishing)

Casper ($995 at time of publishing)

Cocoon ($799 at time of publishing)

The Back Sleeper

Most mattresses will feel comfortable enough for you, but you’re not seeking mediocrity. The most important consideration for back sleepers is lower back support—look for a semi-supportive mattress that relieves pressure points by contouring to the body’s natural curves.

What to look for: Medium firmness, more lower back support than neck support.

Quiddity recommends: Brooklyn Bedding ($949 at time of publishing)

Casper ($995 at time of publishing)

The Stomach Sleeper

Lying face-flat, you will sink down into a mattress that is too cushy. Avoid enveloping memory foam that will feel smothering.

What to look for: strong firmness level, sinkage prevention, flat surface

Quiddity recommends: Purple Mattress ($999 at time of publishing)

Tuft & Needle ($575 at time of publishing)

The Thrasher

As an active sleeper, you are easily awoken by a bouncy mattress that responds to your every move. Go for the motion-isolating memory foam that will offer comfortable cushioning.

What to look for: memory foam, cooling technology, medium firmness to accommodate movement without sacrificing comfort.

Quiddity recommends: Casper ($995 at time of publishing)

4Sleep Mattress ($899 at time of publishing)

The Couple

Two people rarely have identical sleeping styles. To satisfy both parties, determine each of your unique needs and choose a customizable or dual chamber mattress.

What to look for: a customizable or dual chamber mattress, medium firmness (a good happy medium for most couples)

Quiddity recommends: Helix ($995 from Amazon at time of publishing)

Eight Sleep The Jupiter+ ($1,298 from Amazon at time of publishing)

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