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The Best Blenders, According to the Internet

Quid Picks

Our team of researchers, data analysts, gadget nerds, and storytellers combed through reams of information and reviews to uncover the 10 best blenders currently available—whether you’re making post-workout smoothies or big batches of soup.

We scoured the Internet looking for the best blenders out there. Our team read all the reputable expert takes they could find, analyzed countless customer reviews, and considered the nuts-and-bolts of every blender from functionality to warranty. Then we synthesized that into our agnostic Quiddity Score. We didn’t pick this blender based on our own whims and culinary needs—the collective wisdom of the Internet did.

Read more about our methodology here.

The Quid Pick: Ninja Professional

Quiddity Score of 93.0

After assessing insights from every perspective that matters, from consumers and experts to brands and retailers, the results are in.

Quid-Picks ninja-professional

This powerful multi-purpose blender is a no-brainer for casual cooks and gourmet chefs alike. The 6-blade chopping system quickly and effectively blends hard ingredients like ice and frozen veggies and the easy-to-pour pitcher serves up large batches of soups, smoothies, margaritas, dips, sauces, and more. The best part? Its unbeatable price.

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Amazon ($117 at time of publishing)

Home Depot ($120 at time of publishing)

Learn More Check out the Nina Professional product page on Quiddity

The Best Blender for Your Needs

The Quid Pick might not be ideal for everyone. Different homes have different needs. Here are a few options the internet loves, for everyone from The Home Chef to The Gourmand.

The Casual Cook

You’re not interested in making roasted butternut squash soup or homemade almond butter. You don’t have the time or patience for making your own vegetable stock. You want a no-fuss, easy-to-operate blender for making smoothies and the occasional frozen cocktail.

What to look for: Sturdy ice-crushing blades, at least 0.67 horsepower/500 watts, a few pre-programmed settings, dishwasher-friendly, no-mess pouring spout, user-friendly controls.

Quiddity recommends: Ninja NutriNinja with Auto iQ ($99 from Amazon at time of publishing)

Oster Versa Pro ($149 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The Health Nut

You religiously pack your post-workout fuel. Kale, almonds, and lentils are staples on your grocery list. You bring your own lunch every day. A smaller machine with a to-go lid is ideal for sipping on the way to Equinox.

What to look for: To-go cups, stain-resistant, ice-crushing blades, single-serve jug capacity, pre-programmed smoothie setting.

Quiddity recommends: Nutribullet Pro 900 ($79 from WalMart at time of publishing)

Vitamix S50 ($398 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The Gourmand

You spend weeks poring over a menu for a dinner party you’re throwing. You keep an elaborate Google Doc of the grain inventory in your kitchen. You make soups that necessitate roasting and pulverizing three different types of root vegetables.

What to look for: A variety of manual and pre-programmed settings, stainless steel blades, glass jar, durable, large jug size, powerful motor (at least 2.00 horsepower/1500 watts), easy-to-read measurement lines, ability to blend hot foods

Quiddity recommends: Ninja Professional ($117 off Amazon at time of publishing)

Vitamix 750 Pro ($589 from Amazon at time of publishing)

Breville Hemisphere ($157 from Amazon at time of publishing)

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