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The Best Fitness Trackers, According to the Internet

Quid Picks

Our team of researchers, data analysts, gadget nerds, and storytellers combed through reams of information and reviews to uncover the 10 best fitness trackers currently available—whether you’re a gym rat, obsessive step counter, or training for your first 5k.

We scoured the Internet looking for the best fitness trackers out there. Our team read all the reputable expert takes they could find, analyzed countless customer reviews, and considered the nuts-and-bolts of every fitness tracker from GPS navigation and waterproofing to health tracking apps and software. Then we synthesized that into our agnostic Quiddity Score. We didn’t pick this fitness tracker based on our own whims and personal gadget preferences—the collective wisdom of the Internet did.

Read more about our methodology here.

The Quid Pick: Fitbit Charge 2

Quiddity Score of 86.0

After assessing insights from every perspective that matters, from consumers and experts to brands and retailers, the results are in.

Fitbit Charge 2 Quid Pick

The Charge 2 covers all the bases—and it does so with ease. Fitbit is the industry standard for wearables, and the Charge 2 is its best model yet. With a large and bright OLED display, 5-day battery life (on a full charge), wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and comprehensive, easy-to-navigate software, this tracker offers incredible value for most activities. Since it lacks waterproofing and onboard GPS, the Charge 2 won’t satisfy the needs of hardcore athletes. But if you can get over those few shortcomings, this wearable makes the perfect daily companion.

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Buy Now from Best Buy - $119.95 (at time of publishing)

Buy Now from Amazon - $119.95 (at time of publishing)

Learn More Check out the Fitbit Charge 2 on Quiddity

The Best Fitness Tracker for Your Needs

The Quid Pick might not be ideal for everyone. Different people have different needs. Here are a few options the internet loves, for everyone from The Aspiring Athlete to The Data Obsessive.

The Aspiring Athlete

You’re new to fitness tracking (and perhaps to fitness in general). You’re not an Olympian or a competitive marathoner—you’re just trying to get off the couch, get fit, and lead a healthier lifestyle. An affordable wearable with some basic health tracking features will give you the push you need.

What to look for: Slim silhouette, basic fitness tracking, move reminders, goal-setting, easy-to-use software, accurate step counting.

Quiddity recommends: Garmin vivofit 4 ($79.99 from Garmin at time of publishing)

Fitbit Alta HR ($119.95 from Fitbit at time of publishing)

The Multi-Sport Athlete

Basic health metrics like step count and heart rate won’t cut it for you—you want complex fitness data like VO2 max, cardio fitness level, and stress score. You brave the sun, sleet, and snow to workout and need a tracker that’s as physically fit and dynamic as you are.

What to look for: Waterproof, continuous heart rate monitoring, auto-recognition and recording of specific workouts, durable, comfortable, advanced biometric measurement (VO2 max, fitness intensity, built-in GPS), customizable smartphone notifications.

Quiddity recommends: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro ($149.99 from Samsung at time of publishing)

Huawei Band 2 Pro ($49.99 from Amazon at time of publishing)

The Data Obsessive

You’re confident navigating more complex interfaces and have an affinity for data-heavy software. You need a wearable that’s tightly integrated with your smartphone, with plenty of options to customize alerts and download extra features.

What to look for: Comprehensive metrics (health, fitness, and sleep), customizable interface, extensive smartphone notifications, strong battery life, large storage capacity.

Quiddity recommends: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro ($149.99 from Samsung at time of publishing)

Garmin Vivosmart 3 ($119.99 from Garmin at time of publishing)

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