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The $3300 Kit For Moving In Together

Published: January 24, 2019

Cohabitation is one of the more significant benchmarks in a relationship, along with enduring an afternoon together at Ikea and hanging out with each other’s parents without sweating through your T-shirt.

Now that you’ve signed the joint lease, it’s time to furnish the space. If there’s one room to shell out for, it’s the bedroom, where you’ll be spending most of your time together. It’s also the room for just the two of you. Leave the living room and kitchen for displaying that “art” from your 3-year-old niece or the vase you have to keep since it’s from your dad’s ill-advised new pottery hobby. Your room is just that: yours. Make it great with this kit.

Helix Sleep Boxed Mattress

Why Buy: To the few couples with perfectly complementary sleeping styles, congrats! Continue being winners. For the rest of us, finding a bed that satisfies both parties is perhaps the most important—and onerous—task of moving in together. Helix Sleep offers a pretty genius solution: a mattress that’s split down the middle, with one firm side and one plush side. Fill out the brand’s short online quiz with each of your preferences to be matched with your ideal firmness level.

Snowe Home Percale Sheet Set

Why Buy: The resounding sentiment among expert reviewers and customers is that these sleep cool but still feel cozy. They’re pricier than what you come across at Bed Bath & Beyond, but the cost is justified by their quality construction and simple yet striking design.

Proaller White Noise Machine

Why Buy: Your sleepover cadence is about to graduate from part-time to full-time. Arm yourself against the snoring and whatever other not-so-endearing sleep tics your partner has with neutral background noise. Packed with features like an adjustable LED night light, eight different sounds, and an optional auto-off timer, this white noise machine will get you through the night without having to pop melatonin like candy.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle

Why Buy: This candle’s crisp minerality, warm sage, and bright citrus notes make it the Goldilocks of scents. Don’t be afraid to burn it all evening. It’s light enough to fill a room without becoming overpowering.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Body Lotion

Why Buy: Enhanced with rich cocoa butter, this bestselling lotion from Kiehl’s glides on smoothly without leaving a greasy residue. It makes for a killer couple’s massage but is also mild enough for everyday use.

Lelo Tiani 3 Couples’ Vibrator

Why Buy: Moving itself is a nightmare, and moving in together is, at the very least, nerve-wracking. Blow off that nervous energy the old-fashioned way, with a little help. Lelo’s insertable vibrator is designed for couples and easily integrates into your bedroom activities.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless HiFi Speaker

Why Buy: The wireless speaker is the latest iteration of B&W’s popular Zeppelin collection. It delivers an incredibly balanced, wide-ranging sound—especially considering its compact size—and looks sexy displayed on a bedside table or a hanging shelf.

Carry-On Suitcases: Away’s The Bigger Carry-On and The Everywhere Bag

Why Buy: Away is your one-stop shop for smartly built, unisex carryalls. The carry-on and bag work great as a set for longer trips, but can stand alone for a weekend away.

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