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Sprout Home is on a Mission to Spread ‘Plant Love’

At Sprout Home, an indie garden center with locations in Williamsburg and Chicago, a green thumb is welcome—but not required. Published: August 17, 2019

“One of the best comments I get from customers is, ‘This is the space I go when I want to be happy,’” says Tara Heibel, founder of Sprout Home, a garden center in Williamsburg and Chicago.

It’s hard to imagine feeling anything other than happy in the sun-drenched mecca of blooming flora. The storefront is both packed to the brim and refreshingly sparse, with plants clustered according to their specific light, temperature, and breathing room needs. “We set up the plants so that they're taking advantage of the different scenarios in the store, which can be a battle sometimes,” says Heibel. “It’s like a jungle in here!”

Crowded yet not cluttered, Sprout Home has a clear aesthetic sensibility: “We like to spotlight the plant,” explains Heibel. “We don't have anything overly decorative, we keep it minimal.” Pots, miniature decor, and other non-living objects are mostly in the back, there to inspire—not inform—what you end up taking home.

If someone has no idea what to take home, Heibel and her team of designers will happily aid the search. They ask three core questions regarding lifestyle, living space, and aesthetic vision to winnow down the vast inventory of possibilities to a few suitable contenders. “It's really important to make sure somebody gets the right plant for them,” says Heibel. “I would rather not sell a plant than sell something they just can't take care of.”

The care-taking part of plant ownership is arguably what draws most people to Sprout Home and other garden centers. “I think people are craving things that pull them away from that technology hole we go into sometimes,” Heibel posits. “Having a plant and being able to love it, take care of it, sing to it, touch it, watch it grow is a really beautiful thing.”

“Then of course they look fantastic in photos,” she adds. “How could you not want them?”

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