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Some Costcos Are Now Selling Blue Apron Meal Kits

By Natalie Daher

Now you can buy a Blue Apron meal kit with your next bulk order at Costco.

In a notable move for the delivery company, Blue Apron, which launched in 2012, will now sell its meal kits in physical grocery stores, the Associated Press reported. Note: the kits will first go on sale in some San Francisco and Pacific Northwest locations, with potential expansion later.

The meal kit market has grown increasingly crowded since Blue Apron arrived. Since going public in 2017, the startup’s struggles to grow a loyal subscriber base have also been widely reported.

But making meal kits available in physical stores is a smart move, according to CNBC. The flexibility to buy a few prepared meals in-store could be attractive to some consumers, compared to planning for a delivery with a limited shelf life a week in advance.

One food industry expert, Phil Lempert, told CNBC: "It's not a sustainable business if you've got to be constantly giving away $30 or $40 worth of meals to get customers. I do think what Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are doing, where they are starting to sell in supermarkets, that's the opportunity."

So when you’re unloading your Costco haul, at least you won’t worry too much about dinner.

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