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Soccer Star Aurélien Collin Wants a Monet but He Needs a New Suit

The New York Red Bulls center back is on the hunt for art to hang in his apartment and game-day threads.Published: February 13, 2019

Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, Aurélien Collin fell in love with two things: soccer and fashion. Now 32, the six-foot-two Frenchman found a way to mix both, spending his days as a rocksteady center back for Major League Soccer's New York Red Bulls, while searching for vintage finds and sharp suits with his wife during his downtime.

Wants: A new suit for special occasions

I started a clothing brand called AC78. We used great fabrics and had the high-qualities tailors. I don't have the line anymore, but my business partner still makes suits. I want to get another one. They are different from the ones you wear every week. They are for special occasions. I will wear it when we win MLS Cup.

Needs: A red suit from Top Man

It's finally going to be warm this weekend and I can't wait to wear a suit to our game. It's been too cold because wearing a suit jacket underneath a blazer isn't comfortable. But on Sunday, I'm going to wear a red one because I'm representing the Red Bulls. I like my game-day suits slim cut and not too expensive so I go to Top Man or Zara. Come watch us play and see the suit in action.

Wants: A trip to the beach

Los Roques Archipelago National Park is a Venezuelan island chain about 80 miles north of Caracas. It's paradise on Earth.

Needs: To be at training

My coach, Jesse Marsch, would not be happy if I skipped off to the beach.

Wants: A baguette and pain au chocolat

Maison Kayser makes the best ones in the city. They are not as perfect as they are in Paris, but it's good for New York.

Needs: A post-workout meal

The intensity of training is so high that I need a very big meal after training. Pasta, meat, mashed potatoes, and a little bit of vegetables and fruits.

Wants: A Van Gogh or Monet

I'd like to get one. Maybe one day. But it's out of my budget. For now (laughs).

Needs: Art for the apartment

My wife and I have pretty eclectic taste. It's pretty random. We mix between vintage and modern styles. They match very well. We find stuff on the street, in small galleries in Manhattan or Paris. I like something that's very simple but with a lot of soul.

Wants: A chandelier

When I was 10 to 15 years old, I went to school five or 10 minutes from the Palace of Versailles. My friends and I would go visit and they had the most unbelievable light. Maybe one day, I will get something like those chandeliers. I've wanted one for years.

Needs: A new apartment

Okay, maybe I don't need one right now, but I need a bigger apartment if I'm going to have a huge chandelier.

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