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Slinging Blended Margaritas with Buffet Fans on Broadway

by Natalie Daher

Photography by Twenty20

Inflated beach balls, blenders and bucket-style drinks are coming to Broadway in a new musical “Escape to Margaritaville,” NPR reported.

The title of the show, which opens March 15 in New York, is obviously based on Jimmy Buffett’s most popular song, Margaritaville. Originally released in 1977, the song’s line “searching for my lost shaker of salt,” has spawned an entire business and devoted fanbase.

Buffett, a 71-year-old multimillionaire, has built an “empire” out of capitalizing on his music and a penchant for day drinking in printed shirts and jorts. His merchandise line has included blenders, along with flip-flops, coffee mugs and clocks. Buffett fans, often called “Parrotheads,” occupy a very specific corner of contemporary American culture, and as a group, they’ve taken over entire hotels, beach resorts and arena concerts.

“Margaritaville” the musical had pre-Broadway runs in San Diego, New Orleans, Houston and Chicago, which were well-received, according to the New York Times.

On the show’s plot, which might be short on intricacy, NPR gives us this pun: “Buffett and his writers essentially threw just enough plot lines into a blender to get from one Buffett hit to the next.”

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