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Shop the Farmers Market Like a Chef

How to get the most bang for your buck at the farmers market. Published: June 08, 2019

The farmers market offers a lot that a big box grocery store won’t: free range ostrich eggs, raw cow’s milk, edible flowers. “Taste fresh lettuce from the farmers market, and you'll feel like you have never tasted lettuce before,” says Jess Tom, the season 14 winner of Food Network Star and author of Food Whore: A Novel of Dining and Deceit.

But the farmers market can be overwhelming to navigate. You’re not going to find your pantry staples, and you can’t predict what you’ll find until you get there.

Inspired but also intimidated by the farmers market, we asked Jess for some guidance. In this episode of Shop With Me, she shows us how to suss out the best fare, ask vendors the right questions, and get the most out of every farmers market trip. Watch the full video for her tips and tricks.

P.S. See the meal she whips up—and get the recipe to recreate it yourself—here.

This episode is part of Shop With Me, a series that celebrates everything shopping can be: a diversion, an errand, an exploration, a lesson. We observe how people, products, and shops come together to better understand the value of real, live shopping.

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Jess Tom

Writer, Cook, and Yogi

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