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Shaktibarre’s Corinne Wainer’s Brooklyn Life on a Budget

A large horse would fit inside her fantasy loft. Published: October 01, 2018

Yoga-barre teacher Corinne Wainer spends her money mindfully, but she still craves the occasional material thing. Wainer co-founded Shaktibarre, a studio in Williamsburg with a sliding-price scale, after recognizing what Vogue called “boutique fitness’s privilege problem.” Like Wainer, the studio is focused on being socially conscious, and its founders contribute a portion of revenue to a girls’ literacy program. Wainer shared her spending hacks, as well as her most outlandish wishes, with Quiddity.

Wants: A $300,000 Irish sport horse

Named Kingston!

Needs: A monthly membership to ZipCar

So I can drive out of this fucking amazing city on the weekend and run on my own two feet in the grass.

Wants: Spa treatment every day

Self-care, blowouts, nails, eyebrow shaping, salt or snail rubs—whatever they have nowadays. They have a bird’s nest mask in Malaysia. Something really Coming to America, when he wakes up in Zamunda...

Needs: To be a little bit of a hustler

Since we’re not a corporate studio, we're all about accessibility and affordability. Our members are women like us, who are working on their financial abundance. How can they feel good about themselves and get those spa services when we don't give away gently iced lavender towels (just yet)? All of our members get 20 percent off at local self-care pioneers like Massage Williamsburg, Arrojo Hair Salon, Sweetheart Tan, and Skin by Molly.

Wants: Twenty Shaktibarres worldwide

Ten percent of our annual net sales supports our little sister nonprofit called YoGirls Program. The more Shaktibarres we have, the more funding the nonprofit gets and the greater impact we have on making psycho-sociological shifts in adult women's fitness, too!

Needs: A second Shaktibarre studio in Harlem

When I think about it, I couldn't have that many studios right now. What I really recently needed was an assistant manager in Brooklyn. Sami, you are a lifesaver.

Wants: A casual 500,000 followers on Instagram

It’s not only for the women's mission-based work that I do, but it's also about fashion, basically, is what I'm trying to get at... yes, I wish I was an actress-fashionista with branded Insta toning and tons of "fans"—for the fun of it and okay, that New York glamour!

Needs: More partnerships with local stores

I have a little connection to this amazing couture shop Think Closet in Brooklyn. The owner pretty much gives me half-off, and I teach her Shaktibarre gratis when she can. All of the colors and textures are very much the Shakti vibe: peaches, high-neck lace, patterned floral dresses. You feel really special, and you feel like you're supporting your friend as well.

Wants: My own apartment

I don't want an apartment that’s brand new. That clinical feel isn't for me. However, I would love my own vintage apartment that I could just trick out. My whole Brooklyn loft apartment… certainly with a side stable for Kingston. It would have tons of dream catchers and barely any furniture.

Needs: To stay inquisitive, friendly, and open-minded

There are so many things in New York that are free and don't require having apartments, tricking out your apartment, or doing actual tricks. They give you the feeling of luxury. It's important to acknowledge that money isn't everything. There’s also a She Spends newsletter, co-published by this amazing young woman named Alicia McElhaney. To be frank, she's creating content that’s light years ahead of where her brand even is right now. In one issue, she interviewed a woman about how you can save money by shopping this and that way, how you can travel to a very specific destination. Suddenly you’ve saved 200 bucks and you've gotten that Korean couture for free! My richest interactions are with Shaktibarre students, always.


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