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Sennheiser Launching New 300 Pro Headphones Line

By Natalie Daher

Photography by Sennheiser

The German company Sennheiser announced a new, padded headphone model made for professionals.

The 300 Pro headphones will be on sale in August, according to a release, featuring an ear pad and a “fork design” to evenly distribute contact on the ear pad and to reduce outside noise. The audio quality is modeled on the brand’s HD 250, which is known for “precise, linear sound reproduction.”

“Comfort was a paramount design criterion for the circumaural 300 PRO series,” Nicole Fresen, product manager at Sennheiser, said in the release. “Thanks to multiple field tests and a thorough fine-tuning process, these headsets have met with very high user approval. We found operators and engineers to be incredibly pleased to listen to a pair of headphones that was modelled so closely on the legendary HD 250 Linear.”

Other details of the 300 Pro include detachable cables, which assist with noise cancellation. The headset also comes with a headband, an option for customizable name plates, as well as a “noise-compensated, super-cardioid boom microphone” to ensure clear communication in loud settings.

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