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A Fitness Tracker Skeptic Gives Trackers A Try

Lottie Bildirici is an athlete, health coach, and fitness tracker skeptic— will she be convinced to use the devices after trying out a handful of Quiddity’s top 10 picks?

Lottie Bildirici got into running and discovered the positive effects of healthy eating after she recovered from cancer as a teenager. It spawned her blog, Running On Veggies, and shaped her career as a recipe developer and chef. These days, she makes nutritional recipes for brands and athletes, helping people achieve their goals with a cleaner and healthier diet. She’s run eight half marathons, finished two half Ironmans, and is currently training for her first full-length Ironman this fall.

In this episode of RECO, Lottie shares her take on a handful of fitness trackers from Quiddity’s Top 10. She eliminated half of the group right off the bat. As a triathlete, she needs a tracker that can follow her on land and underwater. Only five of our Top 10 fit the bill: Fitbit Charge 2, Garmin vivosmart 3, Fitbit Alta HR, Garmin vivomove, and Garmin vivofit 4.

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