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Chef Kat Searches for the Smoothest Blend

Join chef Kat Creech as she searches for a blender that can keep up with the diverse recipe needs of her restaurant kitchen.

At Motley Kitchen in The Bronx, chef Kat Creech works fast to prepare delicious food for her customers. She needs efficiency and power in her perfect blender. In this episode of RECO, chef Kat puts 10 blenders to the test, ultimately preparing a walnut butter spread. For Kat, consistency is key, and the winning blender will produce the smoothest texture.

When you run a professional kitchen choosing the right blender is essential. After carefully considering all 10 blenders, Kat puts the Smeg BLF01, Oster Versa Pro, and Vitamix 750 Professional to the ultimate test for a professional chef: which option makes the perfect nut butter. Here's a quick look at how an expert chef rates a blender:

Power - What is the horsepower? Can it crush tough ingredients like ice and frozen foods?

Consistency - Does it evenly mix ingredients? Does it produce a smooth final result?

Versatility - Can it make dips, soups, and butters, or is it limited to smoothies and frozen drinks?

Speed - How quickly does it blend?

Controllability - Are there pre-programmed settings? Can you adjust the speed and the type of grind?

Ease of Use - Is it easy to set up and manage the functions?

Durability - Will it withstand heavy regular use?

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