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Triathlon Coach Puts Smartwatches to the Test

Earl Walton, triathlon coach and founder of New York City’s Tailwind Endurance, reviews Quiddity’s top smartwatches. Published: January 02, 2019

Earl Walton is the head coach and founder of New York City’s Tailwind Endurance triathlon training studio. Earl needs a smartwatch that can help him stay in touch whether he’s biking, running, or working with one of his athletes. In this episode of RECO, Earl tests four top-rated smartwatches over the course of a month. As an athlete, coach, and business owner who’s constantly pounding the pavement in New York, Earl is looking for a smartwatch that can balance all three—and more—with ease. Find out which smartwatch works best for this entrepreneur.

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Earl Walton

Triathlon Coach and Founder of Tailwind Endurance