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Photographer Mark Clennon Wants an Apple Watch, but Really Needs that VIP Coachella Life

The Florida-born lifestyle photographer could also use a walk-in shoe closet, obviously.Published: February 11, 2019

When Mark Clennon wants something, he goes after it. Case in point: when he wasn’t loving his ad tech job in Sarasota, FL, he quit and moved to Brooklyn. “Sarasota is a beautiful city, but everybody is old,” he says. “As a 6 foot black dude, I would go into a Panera Bread and the music would stop.” But simply moving to New York wasn’t enough of a shakeup. After landing another job in tech, he got the creative itch and begin shooting photos with his iPhone camera. A Christmas gift of a Canon Rebel T3i encouraged his burgeoning hobby, and within a few years, his passion project was his full-time job. Now that he’s graduated to a Canon 5D Mark IV, he’s curious to expand into film photography. Clennon chatted with Quiddity about his ultimate wish list, including a walk-in shoe closet full of Air Jordans, the perfect pair of shorts, and getting paid to go to Coachella.

Wants: An Apple Watch

I’ve never worn watches, and I feel like the Apple Watch is a good place to start because it’s simple and it syncs with everything. It’s not cheap, but it’s also not very expensive, and it’s got that Apple cachet to it. Even though I know it’s a toy—I know what time it is, those notifications won’t help me—I do still want a watch.

Needs: A film camera

They’re much smaller, and I like that you can hear a click. Film is this whole other side of photography that I haven’t been able to learn yet because I’m fairly new to the space. I hear a lot of crazy things, like film photographers talking about how digital photography isn’t as pure of an art—I’m just curious to see. I think that doing film photography will force me to be more intentional about the film that I make because if I only have 12 exposures, I only get 12 pictures.

Wants: The next season of Game of Thrones to hurry up and come

It’s a show that I wanted to hate. I don’t like dragons and castles and all that, but people kept telling me to watch it and now I look forward to it every time it comes on. I don’t watch much TV, but I miss the act of watching Game of Thrones.

Needs: To be watching more photography tutorials and indie films for inspiration

Everything I’ve done is self-taught, and in order to keep getting better at what I do and keep finding inspiration to make leading-edge art, I need to be consuming more ways to become a better photographer.

Wants: More tattoos. I want to be booked with Luca Font

I have a few tattoos already (I’ve booked with ZERO, who is based out of California), but I used to have a corporate job so I had to keep all my tattoos hidden. Now that I’m a photographer full-time, I can get the tattoo that I’ve always wanted to get. I get a new tattoo whenever I open a new chapter in my life.

Needs: A good pair of shorts from KITH

I was born and raised in Florida, and I would wear shorts everywhere because it was 100 percent acceptable, but when I moved to New York that was absolutely a no-go. So now I pretty much exclusively wear long pants. But this summer, it is so hot that I bought a few pairs of shorts and I just don’t like them. They don’t fit well. I need the perfect pair of shorts.

Wants: More Air Jordan 1s

I already have like four pairs, but I want more because they’re such a classic silhouette. If it was up to me, I’d just wear them in rotation. I feel like I wear them all the time, but I still want more.

Needs: : A walk-in shoe closet

I was so spoiled at my apartment in Sarasota. You can get a lot for $600: I had my own washing machine and dryer, and a walk-in closet. Can you imagine? That was my life. Now do you know what I do with my shoes? I hang them on the back of my door. Because I have so many shoes, the door makes a very loud creaky sound when it opens and closes. It’s the most annoying sound in the world. I absolutely need a walk-in closet. Wow, now I’m just thinking about all the wonderful things I could do with a walk-in closet. I could put those shorts I need to buy in there, too. Everything would be hung up and wrinkle-free.

Wants: To go to Coachella

I love music. Some of my favorite festivals are Rolling Loud and Afropunk, but I’ve still never been to Coachella. I’ve been to Joshua Tree two times this year for work and it’s the most beautiful place. So I’d love to go back to Joshua Tree and get to experience the performers at Coachella.

Needs: VIP access to Coachella

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the process of getting food and navigating the festival. So if I’m going to go, I need to get some sort of VIP or artist’s pass so I can bypass all of that stuff. I need to be hired to shoot there so I can enjoy the show while taking great pictures.

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