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Published: April 18, 2019

Product Details:

  • $60.00 Minimum order
  • Free delivery on orders over $100.00; delivery costs range from $7.95-$9.95 on orders less than $100.00
  • PodPass, which allows you to skip all delivery fees, is $199.00/year, $49.00/three months, or $69.00/six months
  • Delivery options range from one day to two weeks in advance
  • Alcohol delivery available


  • Saves past orders so it’s easy to re-order
  • Product nutritional information is readily available
  • Offers many organic options


  • Some reports of late deliveries
  • Out-of-stock items are not updated online

Who It’s For…

Those who want deals on large orders.

Who It’s Not For…

Those with a tight schedule who need orders to arrive within an exact timeframe.

Why We Picked It:

  • Peapod offers a multitude of organic products at a competitive price point.
  • In addition to groceries, it also offers meal kits for a growing selection of markets including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and D.C.
  • It offers e-coupons and accepts those from other websites like Saving Star.
  • You can indicate if you allow substitutions for similar items to products that are out of stock, and can return the substitution for a full refund.

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