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Olivia Jeanette wants—and needs—a perfect white blouse.

The fashion and lifestyle blogger could also take an aperol spritz. Published: April 04, 2019

For a full-time style blogger, Olivia Jeanette’s career trajectory is somewhat unorthodox. The Missouri native spent the first five years of her post-college life working in the heart of the tech industry, Silicon Valley. The 9-to-5 Corporate America shtick was great, but she needed a channel for sartorial expression, so she started up a side gig: fashion blogging. The blog continued to grow, and within a few years (during which she moved to New York, got married, and had a baby) it was profitable enough to become her full-time job. We heard from Jeanette about what she really wants and what she actually needs.

Wants: A home in Montauk

We go to Montauk quite a bit and love it there! I’d want a house with a little bit of land. Animals are a must. I’m talking dogs, chickens, horses, etc. I’m torn between this and city life. Are giant rooftop farms a thing? We need more of this.

Needs: 100 more sq. ft

We’ve talked about moving into a bigger place. I love our place though. It just needs a bit of extra room and it would be perfect. I guess that’s true of all NYC apartments. For now, the struggle continues.

Wants: A walk-in closet

I spend a lot of time on Instagram because of work and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous every time I saw someone in their huge closet. Having everything so perfectly organized and displayed with room to move around is on my wish list. I think every New Yorker is a little obsessed with space.

Needs: Vacuum storage bags

While I hold out for my dream closet I need to pick up a few vacuum storage bags while I get ready to transition my closet from summer to fall. Having a good storage system is key to keeping your sanity when living in a smaller space.

Wants: Jason Wu silk-georgette blouse

This is the ultimate white blouse. I can think of dozens of pieces in my closet I could style it with right now. It’s beautiful and timeless. I love Jason Wu. I’m trying to talk myself into this piece.

Needs: Jason Wu silk-georgette blouse

Sometimes it’s about cost per use. Also, this blouse is a great example of when to splurge. Now I just need to work up the nerve to click “Purchase.”

Wants: Chloé belted wool-blend coat

Chloé is the brand I’d have in the walk-in closet I mentioned above. This coat balances classic and modern touches beautifully. I’m very petite and run the risk of getting lost in my outerwear but this coat is perfection.

Needs: A few new blazers

I’m working on some upcoming content and need to pick up some blazers for fall workwear looks. This is getting back to my roots a bit when I originally started my blog as Corporate Catwalk. Workwear is still one of my favorite looks to put together.

Wants: An Aperol Spritz

We’re starting to plan some upcoming travel and that includes a few stops in Italy. This will be a big trip for us so an Aperol Spritz seems like an appropriate way to get in the mood.

Needs: More coffee

I love what I do. Running a business and being a mom and a wife keeps me busy. Some extra caffeine helps give me the extra push especially with a kiddo at home. Sebastian has so much energy these days. I’m just lucky if I can keep up!

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