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People Are Watching Television And Running Outside At The Same Time

By Natalie Daher

Photography by Twenty

A European fitness studio has a potentially brilliant idea for outdoor runners who can’t miss a new television episode.

David Lloyd Clubs, based mostly in the U.K., announced a “PTV service" of personal outdoor running coaches, who strap a small screen to their backs, and log miles directly in front of runners. The matchup looks slightly amusing: coaches are running ahead of clients who are wearing headphones and binge-watching their favorite shows.

The fitness club even broke shows down by distance. For instance, a 56-minute episode of Game of Thrones is equivalent to a 7.5K run. Prefer Westworld? Then a 59-minute episode will entertain you for an 8K jaunt.

Interested participants can book a free session and select their desired programming (from BBC iPlayer to Amazon Prime). Then, the PTV crew creates a map to match the runner’s pace and accomodate the timing of a full episode.

A reporter for the U.K. site Somerset Live called the idea “daft” and potentially a gimmick for press.”In practice, there's a reason the two activities take place separately at different times, in different settings.”

In the meantime, nothing like sweating through an episode of The Crown.

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