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Kate Downey Wants A $175 Pocket But Needs Socks

She’s inked, and she’s eyeing more sleeves. Published: February 12, 2019

Kate Downey should be invited to your next party. The multi-hyphenate has worked in art, opera, and theater, and she’s currently creative director at Caveat, a nightlife space for nerds in the Lower East Side that opened last fall. Downey is refreshingly down-to-earth, and her wish list is as expectantly inventive as her day-job programming. While at home, Downey would enjoy a $400 sunflower-shaped reflective mirror to beam natural light into her windowless living room. But she’ll more likely restock her sock drawer and take care of her “brown dog.”

Wants: Tattoo sleeve from Gristle Tattoo

Currently, I have three tattoos on my arm that are various shades of nerdy. There's a diagram of the Apollo 8 flight path from the earth to the moon and back again. I really want a whole sleeve of nerdy tattoos. At this point, I need someone to help me design the rest of my arm. Gristle is awesome. They do fine-line tattoos and a bunch of fundraisers for the ASPCA and Planned Parenthood. I like them, but a sleeve would be probably between $700 and $1,000 over the course of several appointments.

Needs: Dog poop bags

They aren't expensive. I just don’t like spending money on that. Sometimes when we run out, my roommate and I will just use grocery bags. It’s so gross, and we shouldn’t do that.

Wants: Dagne Dover backpack

Those are $175, which is not that much money in the scheme of things but it seems like a lot for a backpack. I’m one of those people who buys a backpack from Payless and then breaks it in four months. These backpacks are made of neoprene, so they're really weather resistant. They have all these perfect pockets, so everything stays in its place. The biggest thing for me is a side-zip pocket on the back of the backpack, so you can reach into the backpack while you’re wearing it and grab your wallet. Riding the subway, it drives me insane when backpacks don’t have a pocket you can reach into while it’s on you. I basically want a $175 pocket.

Needs: A good moisturizer or serum

This whole season change is fucking with my skin and making it very red and irritated. The current lotion I’m using doesn’t seem to help. It's not even the cost of the lotion in my way; it’s doing the work of research to find out which is best, or to just visit a dermatologist.

Wants: Sunflower home heliostat

This is an insane thing I never heard of until I started living in very dark apartments in New York City. It’s basically a set of smart mirrors in the shape of a sunflower that you can install outside the window of your apartment, almost like you would an air conditioner. It has a computer chip. If you point it the way you want the sun to go, it will adjust or find the sun and reflect into the room. I really just want to get natural light into my living room.

Needs: A massage

When my back gets tight, I get knots in my muscles and some kind of nerve pinching. I get ringing in my ears and cluster headaches.

Wants: Persian rugs that are $1200

There’s no way. I have a dog.

Needs: Apartment deep cleaning

I like cleaning. It's relaxing. That’s what I keep telling myself that, but then I don’t do it. So I really just need to pay someone to do it.

Wants: Full-length scale mail sleeves from Etsy

A lot of my friends go to Burning Man. Sometimes I go to parties and little festivals with them, and they all have these amazing costumes. I have put together the most janky costumes safety pinned-together. I have had my eye on this thing on Etsy… I want it so badly.

Needs: Socks

When you’re a kid, you just have socks. Your parents just buy you socks. It's one of those things that I’m like, “I shouldn’t spend money on socks. Those just happen.” But it's really annoying having four pairs of socks total. It’s not a good look.

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