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I Refuse to Get an iPhone Case

I know I should buy one, but I won’t. Fight me.Published: April 09, 2019

I'm currently staring at the front of my iPhone 6S. It's unblemished.

This is highly unusual.

In the 11 years since the iPhone debuted on June 29, 2007, I've owned at least half a dozen of the brilliant devices. Because I am a klutz and a moron, I have shattered the face of every single one at least once. When I'm lucky, the spiderwebbed glass isn't bad and the phone remains usable. Other times, it requires a completely new face. (I can't recommend the services of Michel Lavanche, New York's iPhone Doctor, enough.)

There's a simple solution, of course: buy a case. While the simple rubber protector doesn’t guarantee a crack-free phone, it does dramatically improve the chances of survival. A $10 case would prevent the annoyance‚and cost—of getting a new screen.

But still: I refuse. I've never had an iPhone case, and I'm not getting one. It's a decision I made when I got my first phone. The cases are ugly. They are bulky. They take a piece of near-perfect industrial product design and turn it into a rubberized monstrosity that won't fit in my pocket. I'd rather cut my finger with a glass shard than buy an iPhone case.

Is this an absurd, privileged, ridiculous stance? Of course. But I'm sticking to it. That's what My Irrational Behavior is all about: the choices we make that don't make any sense but that we continue to make anyway. Because the emotional side of the products we buy is just as important as the rational ones. I know I should get a case. But I won't. Because sometimes you have to climb a hill and die on it, even if no one is coming with you. In the coming months, we'll bring you more stories of the dumb choices we make, and why we make them.

Maybe I'll type the next one on my currently perfect iPhone.

(Why is it unbroken you ask? Well, I finally kept a phone alive long enough that the battery started to die. I took it in for a battery replacement. The Apple Store attendant told me that they'd be happy to get me a new one. The only issue: To get a new battery, they'd need to take off the face and they'd need to give me a new one of those because the one I had was cracked.)

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