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Headphone Therapy: A Kickstarter Vision for a Smoother Operator

by Natalie Daher

Photography by Twenty20

Sit back, relax and — allow your headphones to relieve the stress and pressure of your life? That’s the premise of NIRVANA, a set of nontraditional headphones that’s raised nearly half of it's $20,000 goal on a new Kickstartercampaign.

Lots of Kickstarter projects never actually launch, and aesthetically, these pillow-white headphones are unsubtly sized and would obstruct and disturb the space of any subway commuter. Los-Angeles based company FuMan is behind the product, priced between $179 and $199, which would be delivered to backers in August.

The inspiration for the headphones stems from a trip to China, where CEO Jongsoo Seo discovered ear acupressure and its benefits.

“The trip awoke me to the rich history of the therapy, based in traditional Chinese medicine and practiced over thousands of years,” Seo’s message reads. “...This revelation alerted me to the vital importance of the ear and its connection to both mental and physical health.”

In a world of meditation apps and weighted blankets, the premise of NIRVANA earphones are not entirely farfetched. Combining technology and theory on therapy, the Kickstarter page drums up a decent case for a product whose reliance on “auricular acupuncture” is supported by the World Health Organization.

The headphones would feature a companion app, according to the Kickstarter. Promotional images show people wearing NIRVANA headphones meditating in the morning, relaxing with a book, and preparing to sleep. The strength of massage is adjustable, and the sound operates “at a level of white noise.”

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