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Glynnis MacNicol Really Wants to Stay at The Carlyle Hotel

But she needs Law & Order and better, more affordable health care. Published: April 03, 2019

Glynnis MacNicol turned her travels into No One Tells You This, a thoughtful and thought-provoking memoir about contemporary adulthood that follows her from Canada to New York to Wyoming. The co-founder of The List, a networking platform for professional women, also has excellent taste in pajamas, fox fur, and books about Vegas. She shared her hopes and dreams, as well as her wants needs with Quiddity.

Wants: A night at the Carlyle

The Carlyle Hotel, an art deco gem on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, was a favorite of the Kennedy’s, Princess Di, and I once saw Jack Nicholson hanging out in the lobby. It also houses my favorite bar: Bemelmans. I’ve never been upstairs to the rooms…yet. But I would very much like to spend a night, or five, there.

Needs: Amazon to stop making it harder for me, and other writers, to make a living.

The truth is, I am not needing for much! I am as dependent on Amazon Prime as the next person who likes free shipping and one-click check-outs. I also have a book coming out in July that I worked very hard on, and I hope to make enough money from to live on for at least a little while. To increase the possibility of this happening I need Amazon to stop making it more difficult for artists to profit from their own work.

Wants: Shrimpton Couture

Cherie Balch owner of Shrimpton has an extraordinary collection of vintage clothes dating back to the 20s. (You don’t need to take my word. Tracee Ellis Ross has been spotted in more than one of her pieces.) I would like any number of items she has for sale, but this 1978 white YSL fox fur is especially dreamy.

Needs: Better Affordable Health Care

Me and every freelancer I know need it.

Wans : Olatz pajamas

Someone once asked me why I have such an obsession with silk pajamas. The answer is they allow you to be comfortable and glamorous at the same time. I dream of someone remaking this Katharine Hepburn set from Woman of the Year, or either of these Myrna Loy numbers from The Thin Man. In the meantime, Olatz pajamas are the creme de la creme (and have the price tag to prove it). I’d like these in aqua with red piping or vice versa

Needs: Law & Order, the Jerry Orbach Years

I need for Amazon to make seasons three through fourteen of Law & Order available for download. I know all you SVU Olivia Benson fans are a dedicated bunch, but in my opinion, it’s Lenny Briscoe or bust.

Wants: Collyers Mansion

I like animal prints. Literally, prints of actual animals on everything would be fine by me. So would anything from this collection (though the Carly Beck trays are a particular favorite)

Needs:The Midterms

I need for friends and loved ones not to feel unsafe in their own country.

Wants: Vegas: A Memoir of a Dark Season, John Dunne

I first heard mention of this book in Netflix’s recent Joan Didion documentary, The Center Will Not Hold. Opening line: “In the summer of my nervous breakdown, I went to live in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.” I happen to be writing this list from Las Vegas where I’m living for a few weeks (thanks to a writer’s residency, not a nervous breakdown) and went to purchase a copy. Sadly, it’s been out of print for years (strange to consider this even being possible in the age of downloadable everything). The cheapest copy I could find, a worn-looking paperback, is $50, which I may yet cough up. TBD.

Needs: Google Maps for women traveling alone

When I travel, which is frequently, I prefer to walk…a lot. Smart phones have made traveling as a woman, much, much easier. However, in a perfect world Google would take into consideration that the person searching for a route might be a woman alone, which, based on the amount of times I’ve been sent through badly lit neighborhoods filled with warehouses, is not something they do.

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