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Track Your Period With FitBit Devices and App

By Natalie Daher

Photography via Megan Rodrigues/ FitBit

No more bloody surprises. If your period is a couple days away, your Fitbit watch can now remind you.

The wearable company launched a new feature focused on female health tracking. Both app users and owners of either the Versa or Ionic wearables can benefit from the new update. The function will be available for Android users later this month.

With the health tracking update, users can log symptoms, track and compare cycles, and save that data in one place. The tracking is designed to improve women’s overall body awareness and even improve their doctor visits. The emerging field of “femtech” more broadly seems promising, as data (including a Fitbit survey) shows that most women are unfamiliar with basic information related to their reproductive and menstrual health.

Separately, Fitbit also updated some texting functions for Android users. Watches are now equipped with “quick replies” for some messaging apps. This means you can send responses like “Yes” or “No” and even some emojis via Facebook Messenger by tapping your wearable’s screen.

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