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Famous Australian Bodybuilder Tries Saving Headphones In California Lake

By Natalie Daher

Photography by Calum von Moger/Instagram

What a mate. An Australian bodybuilder who’s playing Arnold Schwarzenegger in an upcoming movie really knows how to be friend.

Calum von Moger was in Malibou Lake, California with a friend who filmed a short Instagram video of von Moger diving for his lost headphones. “I f*cked up,” the friend says, as von Moger removes his t-shirt and prepares to fish for the downed “Ear Pods.”

And so, the riveting search for von Moger’s two million followers ensues:

"Bro, can you see them still?" von Moger asks his friend while waist-deep in the water. "Can you see them? Where? I can't see them!"

By the video’s end, it’s unclear whether von Moger ever did rescue those headphones.

Thankfully, the movie star is probably not stuck in the gooped-up water. As Men’s Health noted, von Moger’s YouTube channel featured a new upload the next day with footage of an arm workout.

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