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Drug and Alcohol Charity Added to Lemonade Insurance’s Growing Philanthropy List

by Natalie Daher

Photography by Shatterproof

Lemonade Insurance touts its social good component as one feature that differentiates it from other insurance companies. About two dozen charities can currently receive funds from Lemonades’ customers, and the list is growing.

Based on consumer feedback, Shatterproof is the latest charity to which Lemonade customers can allocate their leftover premiums. The New York-based nonprofit helps initiate addiction prevention programs and helps people with addiction gain access to treatment.

Lemonade contributed 10 percent of its revenue during the first year of its Giveback program, according to spokesperson Yael Wissner-Levy.

“In our first year of Giveback, we were able to build a well in Maui with a charity,” Wissner-Levy said. “We delivered hundreds of meals with Meals on Wheels.”

The Giveback program allows customers to pick from causes including Code to Inspire, Robin Hood and the ACLU.

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