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Caroline Moss Wants a $2,000 Couch but She Needs a Haircut

The Hey Ladies! co-author could also use a computer charger.Published: February 07, 2019

Are you the type of person who sees a leather jacket on Instagram stories and saves it as a potential Christmas gift that someone could buy her? Caroline Moss is. The co-author of Hey Ladies!, a pitch-perfect tale of female friendship, recently did just that. But you know what? She needs the jacket, so she might just buy the damn thing herself.

Wants: A $2000 Anthropologie sofa

It's green velvet (velour?) and my cat will ruin it. I still want it.

Needs: A lamp for my bedroom

We just have the one side table lamp that provides humorous light. Although moving into the summer months means more sun for longer so maybe I won't get around to this until October.

Wants: A two-week long luxury vacation to Europe

I would like to spend one week looking impossibly perfect in adventurous instagrams and the other week looking impossibly perfect in relaxing instagrams of me at the beach.

Needs: Two responsibility-free and work-free days

I am not doing errands or cleaning my apartment. As a freelancer, I don't get paid if I don't work, so this does have a monetary value.

Wants: A custom-painted leather jacket

I came across this girl’s work on Instagram stories and took a screenshot to remind myself to add it to a "if you're asking what I want for Christmas" list. At 30, my parents have been telling me for years that they no longer care what I want for Christmas because I am 30 and they will get me a nice gift or two and that will be that. But just in case they change their mind.

Needs: Honestly, a custom-painted leather jacket from this girl I came across on Instagram stories.

I'm 30 so I am going to buy it for myself next Christmas. How's THAT for independence, mom and dad?

Wants: A dye job

I am kind of dying to go blonde! I want to do the whole expensive process where you go blonde sort of slowly and no one really notices and then all of a sudden they're like, wow you're blonde! I have been told this could cost $1000 to "do it right" and then there are "maintenance fees" to keep the roots from getting too dark...

Needs: A $75 haircut

It's getting a little raggedy.

Wants: A new Macbook Pro

Mine has been wonky with its battery lately and it's kind of annoying and so I just want to scrap the whole thing and upgrade.

Needs: A computer charger

Oh well.

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