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Beginner Plants for an Indoor Garden

Tara Heibel, founder of Sprout Home, recommends the perfect starter plants for a variety of indoor environments. Published: August 16, 2019

“You can't even walk through the store sometimes, there’s so much going on,” says Tara Heibel of Sprout Home, her garden center in Williamsburg with a near constant rotation of offbeat flora. In a neighborhood where the majority of passersby are apartment-dwellers, the plant shop focuses on greenery that thrives in urban (read: indoor) environments.

Despite the rising popularity of apartment jungles on Instagram, indoor gardening as a serious practice still intimidates many beginners due to the inevitable limits on light and space. That’s where Heibel comes in—the self-described “plant geek” knows what it takes to build an indoor green space.

We asked Heibel to solve 14 indoor planting conundrums. Watch the video above to hear her respond in real time, and keep scrolling for a summary of her answers.

What’s the best plant…

1. For a south-facing window?

An echeveria.

2. For an office desk?

A mother-in-law tongue, a.k.a sansevieria.

3. For a nightstand?

A rabbit foot fern.

4. For hipsters?

A hoya.

5. For a hanging basket?

A pothos.

6. For low light?

A mother-in-law tongue, a.k.a sansevieria.

7. For direct sun?

A succulent.

8. For gifting?

An aloe.

9. For air purification?

A spider plant.

10. For a tiny space?

An air plant.

11. For a large space?

A monstera.

12. That is low-maintenance?

A rabbit foot fern.

13. For low humidity?

A barrel cactus.

14. For high humidity?

A fern.

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