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Will Apple's Next iPhone Have A Headphone Jack?

By Natalie Daher

Photography by Unsplash

Is the headphone jack coming back, potentially with a vengeance?

Photos of the iPhone SE 2 circulating on CHinese social media show a next-generation Apple device, equipped with a port for traditional wired headphones. Apple removed the headphone jack, somewhat controversially, when it released the iPhone 7 in late 2016. Tech blogs are warning that the photos from social media are not entirely reliable, though Apple has yet to make a public statement.

Rumors of a hardware update for the newest iPhone have been circulating, according to tech blog 9 to 5 mac, but the choice to revive the headphone jack would be an interesting one. These rumors surface at the same time as other reports that Apple will stop including the headphone adapter with future iPhone sales.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 3.49.43 PM

Apple is the maker of the AirPod, so it clearly believes in the value of Bluetooth technology as a popular consumer choice. Other companies, including Master & Dynamic, have released their own workarounds as smartphones from both Apple and Android are released without headphone jacks.

Apple could make an announcement in May, 9 to 5 speculates, or at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Otherwise, Apple typically announces its product updates at much-publicized fall press events.

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