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How Apple Watch Stands Out By Working With Fashion Designers

By Natalie Daher

Photography by Jens Kreuter/ Unsplash

In true Apple fashion, the company’s work with luxury designers has given its wearable product an edge, according to CNBC.

The tech company’s partnerships with brands including Coach, Kate Spade and Nike have helped transform the aesthetics of its otherwise fairly unstylish watch. But those partnerships — notably with Hermès — can jack up the smart watch’s price.

When buying smartwatches, consumers are generally more concerned about “technological capability” than “craftsmanship,” CNBC reports. One key indicator: traditional luxury watch sales are down, as smart watch sales occupy a “greater portion of the market.”

Apple’s lead has inspired other companies including FitBit and Google to enhance the look of their watches. FitBit has worked with Vera Wang, and Google’s OS technology is used in smartwatches by designers like Michael Kors.

“Haute couture” won’t be enough to get an Apple watch on everyone’s wrist, though, so Apple would be wise to continue investing in fitness features, similar to heart-rate tracking.

Read the full CNBC piece here.

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