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Amazon Prime Day Wish Lists, Courtesy of the Quiddity Interns

The “Quinterns” weigh in on their favorite Amazon Prime Day steals. Published: July 13, 2018

As the Quiddity summer interns (“Quinterns”), we spend the bulk of each day reading up on the lifestyle and tech products featured on the site. Fueled by nitro cold brew and chocolate-covered pretzels from the communal office kitchen, we fact-check product specs, film unboxing videos, and curate social media posts. It’s unreal how much information is out there online, and it’s our job to sift through it all. All this research has one serious drawback: our personal shopping lists have become endless and, in some cases, unrealistic. Amazon Prime Day, however, is the perfect time to score some of the things we’re lusting after without breaking the bank. From an electric mixer to a denim jacket, read on to learn what us Quinterns really need—and what we dream of buying when we land those six-figure staff jobs. (Those are coming soon, right?).

Frances Thomas

As a recent NYU grad, Frances is still figuring out what it means to “adult.” She’s relishing the newfound freedom of homework-free weekends, but finds herself flummoxed by the prospect of furnishing an apartment, opening a savings account, and cooking dinners that aren’t cereal. She spends her free time sussing out movie theaters with the best popcorn (Alamo Drafthouse and Quad Cinema are tried-and-true favorites), attending readings at Books are Magic, and exploring her new neighborhood of Chelsea.

Wants: A shopping spree at ABC Carpet & Home. Number one item on my list: a hand blown rose glass chandelier.

I just moved into a new apartment and I’m trying to make it a real home. I treated my last apartment—which my parents affectionately referred to as a “horse stall”—with as much respect as I did my freshman year dorm room. (Read: none.) This time around, I want to create a space that I’m proud of. Walking through ABC Carpet & Home is a transcendent experience. Each display section is a sanctuary of luxury wellness products and aspirational bohemian decor (think: essential oils beside a millennial pink massage table and crystal aperitif glasses next to a gold lustered porcelain cheese plate). I could do some major damage with an unlimited gift card and a free afternoon in this place. After my haul, I’d pop over to ABC Kitchen at the back of the store for the amazing sea bass entree and a glass of Sancerre.

Needs: Kitchen essentials, like this KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

As much as I love to imagine crafting my apartment into an Instagram goldmine, I need to be realistic about my budget and lifestyle. Since I’m not hosting a cocktail party anytime soon, I should really direct my funds towards something more practical. An electric mixer would be a real game-changer for my burgeoning baking hobby. Not only does this KitchenAid model consistently show up on “best” lists, it’s vetted by my mom, who uses it to make pie crust from scratch. The only thing separating me and Ina Garten is this mixer… in Pistachio, because aesthetics do matter.

Claudia Metsch

Claudia is a wannabe New Yorker who is still hung up that her parents moved to Florida to raise her and that her mom’s Balenciaga was stolen before she could appreciate it. When she’s not working at Quiddity, you can catch her running around the city in her beat up Stan Smiths and trying to get her perfect instagram shot to channel her inner Kardashian (because it’s obviously all about the angle, duh!).

Wants: A Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone.

As someone who has fully immersed myself into many different podcasts, I like to think that I am too in touch with all things news, celebs, and pop culture. So why not start my own podcast? As easy as it would be to use my headphones and laptop to record, I want to be top notch. That means a high quality microphone.

Needs: A new MacBook laptop, preferably the Pro with the touch screen toolbar.

That Bat Mitzvah present from 2010 isn’t cutting it anymore in 2018. Being a communications major and marketing director for an organization at my school, I need my laptop for everything! I can’t have Microsoft crashing the night before a big essay is due or my laptop taking three hours to download new software.

Kelly Armetta

Kelly was born and raised on Long Island, which everyone can tell the second she pronounces “water” with an exaggerated “r.” When she’s not at Quiddity, Kelly only enjoys doing two things: spending time with her cat, Bala, and running her beauty blog. Kelly plans on officially moving to the city as soon as possible, then never moving anywhere else.

Wants: A Rolex Day-Date 40 Watch, 18ct yellow gold.

No watch will ever beat the classic Rolex Day-Date. With a plain jane version of this clocking in at almost $35,000, I don’t foresee this coming into my life in the immediate future. I would personally go with a men’s watch over a woman’s because the design gives me the impression of strength and resilience, and those are two traits I admire. There’s something about a timepiece like this that is both totally unnecessary and absolutely breathtaking, and I love it. The day I buy this for myself will be a great one.

Needs: A denim jacket.

I am currently in dire need of a new jean jacket. My current one was purchased when I was in my junior year of high school, so it’s safe to say it’s really time for an update. The jacket I have now is a fitted style that ends just above the hip, a classic cut. It’s fine, but I’m more into oversized, layerable looks now so I’m after something big and slouchy. I want the jacket to have some durability, but my tastes change, so I don’t want to spend too much.

Ali Figliulo

As a midwesterner here for the summer, Ali still hasn’t discovered what it truly means to be a “New Yorker.” When Ali isn’t researching dry dog food kibble, you can find her at the wrong subway stop eating the newest concoction from the food truck across the street. In the future, Ali hopes to move to the Big Apple to perfect her New York slang.

Wants: Apple Smart Watch Series 3-GPS.

It’s safe to say that Apple will always hold a very special place in my heart. When I was a little kid there was no better feeling than waking up on Christmas morning and cracking open a fresh new white box. I want nothing more than to unbox a brand new Apple 3 smart watch with GPS. The GPS is one of the more important features for me because I constantly find myself taking the wrong turn on the way to happy hour.

Needs: Crock-Pot 6-Quart Countdown Programmable Oval Slow Cooker with Dipper.

Living on your own as a college student can be freeing and exciting, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss home cooked meals. One thing that would make my last year of college a little bit easier would be a crock-pot. I am always running around at school and never have the time to make myself a nice homemade dinner. A crock-pot would be a simple alternative because I could just throw a bunch of random ingredients into the pot, et voila! This crock-pot is made of stainless steel and it has programmable digital controls, along with a “shift to warm” setting that automatically goes on once the cook time is complete. Being an adult can be hard, but a crock-pot with a self timer can make cooking in college bearable.


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