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What to Pack for a Music Festival

A festival veteran recommends nine essentials and a few fun extras. See More

What Writer Kristen Bateman Bought For $10, $50, $150, $200, and $1500

Money diaries from the mundane to the outlandish proliferate online, their ubiquity suggesting a collective (and voyeuristic) fascination with thy neighbor’s expenses. Living in New York City is many things, but cheap isn’t one of them—which makes maximizing your expendable income a precarious exercise. In this new series, we ask New Yorkers how they allot their funds for the non-essentials.See More

How to Pot an Indoor Succulent

An easy tutorial for planting your first succulent.See More

Rising Rents and Crippling Property Taxes: A NYC Small Business Owner Weighs In (and Moves Out)

Why Whisk, a beloved kitchenware boutique founded in Brooklyn, closed two storefronts in two months. See More

The One Plant That Should Be In Every Home

Summer Rayne Oakes, an environmental scientist and author, shares house plant shopping tips at Sprout Home in Williamsburg. See More

The Right Boxing Gloves for 11 Different Scenarios

Dylan Lipari of Superare recommends gloves for every type of boxer. See More
Jess Tom's At-Home Yoga Kit

What You Need for Yoga at Home

Get the premium yoga studio experience—minus the hefty membership fee. See More

Babeland: A Shop for Books, Candles, and Butt Plugs

Babeland, a sex toy brand with shops in NYC and Seattle, offers something for everyone—whether you’re on your first or fiftieth visit. See More

Molly Young and Teddy Blanks Have “A Lamp Guy”

Inside the Brooklyn creative couple’s Williamsburg loft. See More

Village Grannies: A Smoke Shop, Art Gallery, and Living Room All in One

Village Grannies in downtown Manhattan looks and feels unlike any other smoke shop you’ve been inside.See More

Sprout Home is on a Mission to Spread ‘Plant Love’

At Sprout Home, an indie garden center with locations in Williamsburg and Chicago, a green thumb is welcome—but not required. See More

Beginner Plants for an Indoor Garden

Tara Heibel, founder of Sprout Home, recommends the perfect starter plants for a variety of indoor environments. See More

What Gossamer’s Verena von Pfetten Bought for $10, $150, and $850

The Brooklyn-based media publisher and self-described ‘curious consumer’ thinks socks make an outfit. See More

The Best Sex Toys for 13 Different Situations, According to an Expert

Lisa Finn, a sex educator and the brand manager of Babeland, recommends the right sex toy for 13 different needs. See More

Returning a Boxed Mattress Is A Nightmare

Buying a boxed mattress is easy—returning one, not so much. See More

The Thrill of the Spend: I Spent my Rent Money at Barneys and I Regret Nothing

The thrill of buying something totally unnecessary cuts across Myers-Briggs types, income levels, and ages. Whether you’re in the position to blow $350 on an infuser or $14 on feature socks, impulse shopping is something most of us partake in, at least occasionally. Read on for shopping confessions from people working in wine, fashion, and design. See More

Ilegal Mezcal’s Kaylan Rexer Likes to Drink Disaronno for Dessert

A tour of the marketing guru’s Brooklyn apartment.See More

Snowe Founders Andrés Modak and Rachel Cohen Just Want A Nice Tea Kettle

How a New York City couple mixes work, home, and love—all under one roof. See More
Thumbnail for Kappy's Home Podcast Kit

How to Build a Home Podcast Studio

It’s easy to set up a recording studio in your living room. See More
photo of chef Jess Tom in shop with me

Shop the Farmers Market Like a Chef

How to get the most bang for your buck at the farmers market. See More
Jeremiah helping choose the right gloves

This Is What You Need To Start Boxing

Watch Jeremiah Maestre, amateur boxer and Rumble fitness trainer, shop for gear at Superare in Lower Manhattan.See More

With Linx Vapor, There’s No Smoke and Mirrors

The Orange County company is making health nut-approved vaporizers. See More

How Dipstick Vapes Dove into the Hardware World

The mission-driven vaporizer brand that isn’t afraid to align with cannabis culture. See More

Shopping the KonMari™ Way

A Certified KonMari Method™ Consultant works her magic. See More

A Photographer's Quest for Renters Insurance

Photographer, podcast host, and artist Nick Onken searches for the perfect renters insurance policy. See More

How to Display Items that Matter

Store your sentimental items with care. See More

What Broccoli Magazine’s Anja Charbonneau Wants and Needs

In an alternate life, the Portland-based editor would design floral arrangements for rich private clients. See More

Make the Most of Your Closet

Learn closet storage tips from a pro.See More

I Shop In The Kids' Section

Sooner or later, I’ll be ordering from the kids' menu, too.See More

The Best Songs for Testing Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Music industry insiders talk about how to pick the right in-ear headphones.See More

A Brownstone Grows in Brooklyn

A photographer-director couple designed a perfect room for their everyday life.See More

Chef’d Wants to Be the Amazon of Meal Kits

The delivery service offers customers options aplenty.See More

Fool’s Gold Co-founder Nick Catchdubs Needs Three Pairs of Headphones

The DJ and record label owner talks about how he uses headphones in his audiophile life.See More

Tenga Seeks to 'Change the Conversation Around Masturbation'

The Japanese adult toy brand creates products that aren’t embarrassing to buy. See More

Best Songs for Testing Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Music industry insiders talk about how to pick the right over-ear headphones.See More

I Refuse to Get an iPhone Case

I know I should buy one, but I won’t. Fight me.See More

My Apartment Caught Fire. My Renters Insurance Paid Me $23,485

Here’s what happens when your home goes up in flames.See More

Olivia Jeanette wants—and needs—a perfect white blouse.

The fashion and lifestyle blogger could also take an aperol spritz. See More

Glynnis MacNicol Really Wants to Stay at The Carlyle Hotel

But she needs Law & Order and better, more affordable health care. See More

Laura Lane and Nic Rad Are Ready to Send Their Kid to Space

A day shopping through North Brooklyn with writer Laura Lane and her husband, the artist Nic Rad. See More

At Peru Pima, It’s All in the Family

This family-owned textile brand from Peru is making it in America—all by word of mouth.See More

Chef Tyler Kord Wants Netflix with Long Commercial Breaks

He misses working during the ads but really needs Moana and a grill.See More

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Helped Me Cope with Post-Concussion Symptoms

After I was hit by a truck, my brain needed silence. Here’s how I found it.See More

Flying With “Phone-Free Music” From Fitbit

The company known for smartwatches wants to soar above the neck. See More

Here Are the Crazy Things You’ll See Working at Juice Press

Employees dish on blender explosions, $40 “dirt” shakes, and sharing smoothies with dogs.See More

A Whiskey Expert's Take on 10 New York Bourbons

Heather Greene, New York’s first female whiskey sommelier and one of the world’s foremost spirit experts, tastes 10 top-rated New York bourbons. See More

Get Educated on Getting Off at Babeland

The 25-year-old sex toy brand puts education first. See More

The Thrill of the Spend: When Bad Impulse Purchases Turn Good

You don’t need it, but you want it. #NoRegrets.See More

What Artist Isa Beniston Wants and Needs

The LA native has it out for plastic storage bins and would really appreciate $10K to outfit her kitchen in pink Smeg appliances. See More

How the House of Juice Is Becoming a Community Home

Danii Oliver is building a healthy, juice-focused oasis in Brooklyn.See More

My Kitchen is Full of Gadgets I Never Use

Software Developer Mike Rispoli’s buyer’s remorse. See More

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