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A Dry January Hack for Wine Lovers

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Or, sober or not, just a great hangover-proof bottle. See More

Keeping the Kids Alright

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Park Slope, a one-stop shop for toys and kid’s haircuts keeps it together for the community. See More

What’s the Way to a Community’s Heart?

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Fort Greene, a self-taught baker feeds the hearts (and bellies) of the neighborhood. See More

Uplifting New Yorkers, One Cup of Coffee at a Time

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In the heart of the Theater District, a coffee shop brews good will. See More

A California-Inspired Wine Bar Embraces Uncertainty

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | At Coast and Valley in Greenpoint, the road to recovery drags on. See More

From Pop-Up to Permanent: a Zero-Waste Shop Plants Roots

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Queens, an eco-friendly lifestyle store is growing into a community gathering spot and small business incubator. See More

A Big Night Can Be No Big Deal

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Discover Greenpoint’s one-stop shop for deceptively easy dinner parties. See More

Inspired by Paris, Made in Bushwick

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Inside Cherry On Top, the new natural wine bar from a well-traveled illustrator turned bar owner. See More

In Queens, a Fitness Studio Struggles to Recover

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Lagree NY, a boutique gym in Astoria, is still feeling the acute impacts of COVID-19. See More

A Homebrew Shop Hops Back

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Bitter & Esters, a homebrew supply shop in Brooklyn, returns to community-focused operations. See More

A Neighborhood Restaurant Perseveres

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The owners of Popina, an Italian-Southern eatery on the Columbia Waterfront, weather COVID with multiple pivots and a giant backyard.See More

In the East Village, Proof that it Takes a Village

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The duo behind East Village Vintage Collective relied on their neighbors to make it through the worst of the pandemic. See More

Betting on “The Underdog of Food”

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Meet the woman behind Tart, a small-batch vinegar brand that popped off in lockdown.See More

Pizza to the Rescue

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A wine and cheese bar in Williamsburg pulls through COVID with a pizza pivot. See More

A Park Slope Nightclub Commits to Survival

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After a year without in-person shows, Barbès returns to what it does best: bringing people together around live music. See More

To Cure the COVID Blues, Get Crafty

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After pausing IRL events for the foreseeable future, a NYC-based crafting community found a new sense of purpose online. See More

Pasta With a Side of Progress

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In the LES, a Roman-inspired restaurant rejects the industry’s “bluntly toxic” working conditions. See More

A Sweet Respite Reopens

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In the Lower East Side, a decades-old candy store survives, thanks to loyalists around the country. See More

Weary but Unwavering: A Community Skate Shop Holds On

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The owners of Uncle Funkys Boards fight to protect their business — and their community. See More

This Female Founder Is Making Space for Underrepresented Designers

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | You probably won’t recognize most of the labels at this new retail concept — and that’s the whole point.See More

In Soho, a Family-Owned Pharmacy Perseveres

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A downtown staple since 1994, Thompson Alchemists survived the pandemic by providing personal service in a big-box world.See More

Bitters, Botanicals, and Balance

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight |  In Brooklyn, a small batch Italian spirits brand pops off. See More

The Salon Model Is Broken. Meet the Woman Who’s Fixing It.

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Soho, a fashion industry vet turned esthetician is putting artists first. See More

A New Kind of Cafe Built by “Three Broke Kids”

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Crown Heights, these Partners Coffee alums are building a business where community always comes first. See More

You Had Me at Fish and Chips

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In the West Village, a buzzy English restaurant brings the community together with the “perfect food” — and plenty of purpose. See More

Moving Forward, at a Slower Pace

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A Gowanus gift shop reopens on its own terms. See More

A Floral Studio in Full Bloom

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After halting business at the beginning of the pandemic, Karla Smith-Brown reimagined her Brooklyn floral studio for perennial growth. See More

As Restrictions Lift, An Indie Gym Owner Sticks To Private Sessions

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Rockaway Beach, Monice Small is building a dedicated fitness community — one personal training session at a time. See More

A Brooklyn Diner Looks Ahead

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Thanks to a new federal grant, Rosalu Diner lives to see another day as a neighborhood mainstay. See More

A Burlesque Bastion Is Back

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After 14 months of darkness, The Slipper Room in the LES turns the lights back on.See More

A One-Woman Bakery Rises

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In her Clinton Hill apartment, Carla Finley hits her sourdough stride. See More

Clay Therapy

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Prospect Heights, a ceramics studio taps into the wellness benefits of clay. See More

One Corner Store, Two Immigrant Legacies

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Greenpoint, a Lebanese-American chef takes over a beloved deli from his neighbor.See More

No More Retail Small Talk

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After being closed for months, a sustainable womenswear shop in Fort Greene finds a new level of connection with customers. See More

One Year Later

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Checking in with the wine bar that helped launch this column. See More

Natural Wine + Records + Dog Treats = Brick-and-Mortar Bliss

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A small natural wine shop in Clinton Hill goes beyond no-intervention bottles. See More

Soup for the Community Soul

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A Brooklyn creative studio is connecting restaurants, diners, and wine shops over the classic comfort food. See More

Sunny Earrings for Dark Times

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | While on furlough, a Brooklyn-based textile designer used her free time to launch a jewelry line. See More

Pick-Up Pastries Hit the Sweet Spot

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | If not for the pandemic, Joy Cho wouldn’t have launched a business this early in her career. See More

A One-Woman Plant Shop Blooms

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | From her Brooklyn apartment, Katherine Hernandez delivers indoor greenery to homebound New Yorkers. See More

An Old-School Soda Fountain Imagines a New Business Model

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In Carroll Gardens, a sibling-owned sundae spot gears up for a post-COVID world. See More

Brooklyn Movie Theater Hangs in Limbo

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | With no city guidance on when or how to reopen, Cobble Hill Cinemas eats through its savings to hang on. See More

The Perpetual Pivot

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In the East Village, a pair of natural wine-focused restaurants shapeshift through the pandemic. See More

A Beloved Brooklyn Pie Shop Keeps the Oven On

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | This sister-run bakery is committed to serving affordable treats in hard times. See More

A Boutique Grows in Astoria

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Opened in the height of COVID-19, this eco- and socially conscious gift shop is moving forward one day at a time. See More

"Never, never, never give up."

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A bookstore dedicated to Winston Churchill takes his immortal words to heart. See More

Can a Restaurant Be Pandemic-Proof?

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | This new Crown Heights eatery embraces COVID-era constraints. See More

“The name of the game is adapt”

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A multi-hyphenate record shop in Carroll Gardens digs deep to survive.See More

A Vegan Cheesemonger Moves Online

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | With virtually no foot traffic, Manhattan’s Riverdel Cheese pivots to delivery.See More

Launching One Business While Closing Another

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A Brooklyn-based entrepreneur makes tough calls to stay afloat. See More

Yoga for All (on YouTube)

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Brooklyn’s Greene Moments Studio is breaking down yoga barriers with free online classes.See More

A Bushwick Nightclub Reaffirms Its Values

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The pandemic has pushed House of Yes to become “more than a nightclub.” See More

Keep on Shufflin’

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How a shuffleboard club in Brooklyn and Chicago is staying in motion.See More

An Indie Self-Care Brand Hits its Stride

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After halting production in March, Alexandra Winbush got new life — and hit new roadblocks. See More

“The art world is not fair”

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How a contemporary gallery in Bed-Stuy is leveling the playing field. See More

Slam Poetry in the Zoom Era

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A Lower East Side cultural icon reimagines live performance while fighting to survive.See More

All the World’s an App

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A theater in Williamsburg moves entirely online. See More

“You can only have so many Zoom shows”

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A pair of nightlife venues in Gowanus struggles to survive. See More

A 20-Year-Old Burlesque Club Goes Dark (for Now)

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How The Slipper Room is trying to make it to the other side. See More

The Business of Board Games

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How a beloved Greenwich Village cafe is staying in play. See More

A Legacy Dive Bar Turns to Pizza

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | After over two decades of cheap drinks and peanuts, Botanica is seriously upping its fare game. See More

Experiential Retail’s Latest Act

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How a Williamsburg concept store is forging ahead, one pop-up at a time. See More

They’re Still Dancing

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How a community dance org in Brooklyn is keeping class in session. See More

Opening a Business During a Pandemic

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The owner of Buy Better Foods, a new organic market in Bed-Stuy, on tackling this daunting challenge.See More

Cookies to the Rescue

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Diana Ho is keeping her indie shop afloat with some sweet subscriptions. See More

An Arts Org in Park Slope Tackles the Digital Divide

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The Brooklyn Arts Exchange is making the digital shift. See More

A Brooklyn Nursery Finds New Life in Lockdown

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How Natty Garden pivoted in the wake of COVID-19.See More

A Fort Greene Café Takes On Phase 2

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Baba Cool is taking over two parking spaces to serve dine-in (er, dine-“out”) customers. See More

An Indie Yoga Studio Goes Global

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | In the midst of a pandemic, BK Yoga Club is doubling down on its mission. See More

How a Brooklyn Eatery Nearly Doubled Its Staff

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | For Mekelburg’s, the pandemic necessitated a whole new business model. See More

Sex Toys and Puzzles: Two Sides of the Same Coin

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Sex toy sales are booming — here’s why, according to Lisa Finn of Babeland in NYC. See More

A Small Business Activist Fights Her Toughest Battle Yet

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | The owner of Whisk in downtown Brooklyn is taking on the big banks, the tech titans, and COVID-19 repercussions. See More

How Do You Sell a Dress in a Pandemic?

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | A feminist boutique in Brooklyn fights to survive. See More

A Beloved Skate Shop Struggles to Keep Rolling

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | To save their business, the owners of Uncle Funkys Boards are making tough calls. See More

It’s OK Not to Be OK

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | Kalima DeSuze of Cafe con Libros is doing her best to stay in business, but it’s not easy. See More

This East Village Bar Now Sells Yogurt

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How ABC Beer Co. is diversifying to survive. See More

We All Need the Perfect Cocktail Right Now

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | How a Clinton Hill wine shop is keeping customers safe and sated. See More

Finding Community in Isolation

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | With her vintage boutique closed for the foreseeable future, Su Beyazit is hopeful for a better tomorrow. See More

A Brooklyn Wine Bar Rises to the Moment

COVID-19 #SmallBizSpotlight | This Fort Greene wine bar is leading a community revolution. See More

From the Newsletter: Checking in on New Year's Resolutions

Tips on setting and keeping New Year's resolutions from a clinical psychologist.See More

How to Avoid Burnout: Tips From a Touring Musician

Keep sickness and fatigue at bay with this kit.See More

The Merge

Living out of boxes, fighting about cutlery, and picking battles: Field notes on moving in with my boyfriend. See More

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Moved In Together

How to prepare for living with a significant other—emotionally, materially, and financially.See More

How to Start an Art Journal

Everything you need to tap into your crafty side. See More

Pleasure, Empowerment, and Style from Rianne S

The Dutch sex toy brand’s founder believes ‘women deserve beautiful sex toys.'See More

With Jabra, It’s All About Fit And Comfort

Copenhagen's optimism just might be reflected in Jabra’s headphones. See More

What to Pack for a Music Festival

A festival veteran recommends nine essentials and a few fun extras. See More

The Thrill of the Spend: I Spent my Rent Money at Barneys and I Regret Nothing

Impulse purchases from a writer, two designers, an Instagram personality, and an art studio director.See More

How to Pot an Indoor Succulent

An easy tutorial for planting your first succulent.See More

Rising Rents and Crippling Property Taxes: A NYC Small Business Owner Weighs In (and Moves Out)

Why Whisk, a beloved kitchenware boutique founded in Brooklyn, closed two storefronts in two months. See More

The One Plant That Should Be In Every Home

Summer Rayne Oakes, an environmental scientist and author, shares house plant shopping tips at Sprout Home in Williamsburg. See More

The Right Boxing Gloves for 11 Different Scenarios

Dylan Lipari of Superare recommends gloves for every type of boxer. See More
Jess Tom's At-Home Yoga Kit

How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

Get the premium yoga studio experience—minus the hefty membership fee. See More

Babeland: A Shop for Books, Candles, and Butt Plugs

Babeland, a sex toy brand with shops in NYC and Seattle, offers something for everyone—whether you’re on your first or fiftieth visit. See More

Molly Young and Teddy Blanks Have “A Lamp Guy”

Inside the Brooklyn creative couple’s Williamsburg loft. See More

Village Grannies: A Smoke Shop, Art Gallery, and Living Room All in One

Village Grannies in downtown Manhattan looks and feels unlike any other smoke shop you’ve been inside.See More

Sprout Home is on a Mission to Spread ‘Plant Love’

At Sprout Home, an indie garden center with locations in Williamsburg and Chicago, a green thumb is welcome—but not required. See More

Beginner Plants for an Indoor Garden

Tara Heibel, founder of Sprout Home, recommends the perfect starter plants for a variety of indoor environments. See More

The Thrill of the Spend: When Bad Impulse Purchases Turn Good

You don’t need it, but you want it. #NoRegrets.See More

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