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Curated shopping lists for real life situations. Furnishing your first apartment? Outfitting your kitchen? Hosting a dinner party? We chart guidelines for success.


How to Avoid Burnout: Tips From a Touring Musician

Keep sickness and fatigue at bay with this kit.


How to Start an Art Journal

Everything you need to tap into your crafty side.


What to Pack for a Music Festival

A festival veteran recommends nine essentials and a few fun extras.


How to Pot an Indoor Succulent

An easy tutorial for planting your first succulent.

Jess Tom's At-Home Yoga Kit

How to Start a Home Yoga Practice

Get the premium yoga studio experience—minus the hefty membership fee.

Thumbnail for Kappy's Home Podcast Kit

How to Build a Home Podcast Studio

It’s easy to set up a recording studio in your living room.

NYC commute kit

The New York City Subway Commuter Kit

These essentials will help you survive your next dreaded 6 train commute.


The $1200 Kit For Moving In Together

How to cohabitate on a budget.


The $3300 Kit For Moving In Together

You’re taking the leap—get the gear for a smooth landing.

Starter kitchen kit

The Under $300 Starter Kitchen Kit

Part of growing up means having to cook your own breakfast. For less than $300, you can dive into the world of smoothies and poached eggs (or oatmeal, at least).


The Holiday Hosting Kit

Throw the dinner party of the year with this kit.


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